I.4. Coordinating Harm

Policy Rationale

In an effort to prevent and disrupt real-world harm, we prohibit users from facilitating or coordinating future criminal activities that are intended or likely to cause harm to organizations, individuals, or animals. Users may be attracted to the harmful activity that they may witness or experience, as long as they do not advocate for or coordinate harm.

Do not post:

Statements of intent, calls to action, or advocating for the following:

  1. Acts of physical harm committed against people;
  2. Acts of physical harm committed against animals except in cases of hunting, fishing, religious sacrifice, or food preparation/processing;
  3. Poaching or selling endangered species or their parts;
  4. Staged animal vs animal fights;
  5. Theft;
  6. Vandalism/property damage;
  7. Fraud;
  8. Arranged marriages with refugees or internally displaced persons;
  9. Trafficking as referenced in section I.2;
  10. Sexual violence or sexual exploitation, including sexual abuse, as referenced in section 7 and section 8;
  11. Offers of services to smuggle or assist in smuggling people.
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