II.6. Bullying

Policy Rationale

Bullying happens in many places and comes in many different forms, from making statements that degrade someone's character, to posting inappropriate images to threaten someone. We do not tolerate bullying on Hahalolo because we want the members of our community to feel safe and respected.

We will remove content that purposefully targets private individuals with the intention of bullying, degrading or shaming them. We recognise that bullying can be especially harmful to minors, which is why our policies provide heightened protection for minors because they are vulnerable and susceptible. In certain instances, we require the individual who is the target of bullying to report content to us before removing it. 

Our Bullying Policies do not apply to public figures because we want to allow discourse, which often includes critical discussion of people who are featured in the news or who have a large public audience. Discussion of public figures nonetheless must comply with our Community Standards, and we will remove content about public figures that breaches other policies, including hate speech or credible threats.

Do not post:

Content that specifies an individual as the target of:

  • Statements of intent to commit violence; 
  • Calls for action of violence; 
  • Statements advocating violence;
  • Aspirational and conditional statements of violence; 
  • Physical bullying;
  • Claims about religious identity or blasphemy.

Content about another private individual, reflects:

  • Claims about sexual activity; 
  • High-severity physical descriptions;
  • Ranking individuals on physical appearance or personality; 
  • Threats of non-consensual sexual touching;
  • Sexualized text targeting another individual; 
  • An individual in a context that is intended to degrade, for example, menstruating, urinating, vomiting, or defecating;
  • Physical bullying where the context further degrades the individual; 
  • Comparison to animals that are culturally perceived as intellectually or physically inferior or to an inanimate object.

Content that has been photoshopped to target and demean an individual, including by highlighting specific physical characteristics or threatening violence in text or with imagery.

In addition, we may remove Pages that are dedicated to attacking individual(s) by, for example:

  • Cursing at an individual or individuals;
  • Making negative character claims;
  • Making negative ability claims;
  • Statement of ridicule;
  • Impersonate another person to post on the identity of the person forged, and target other individuals.

We also remove content that is targeted at minors when it contains:

  • Cursing;
  • Claims about romantic involvement or sexual orientation;
  • Allegations about criminal or illegal behavior; 
  • Coordinating, advocating, or promoting exclusion;
  • Negative character claims; 
  • Negative ability claims; 
  • Expressions of contempt or disgust; 
  • Calls for death or serious disease or disability;
  • Videos of physical bullying or violence against minors in a fight context shared with no caption or a neutral or praising caption.
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