IV.1. Spam

Policy Rationale

We work hard to keep Hahalolo free of commercial spam to prevent deceptive advertisements, frauds and security breaches, all of which detract from people's ability to share and connect. We do not allow people to use misleading or inaccurate information to collect haha, followers or shares.

Do not:

  1. Spam contains misleading content;
  2. Perform deceptive behaviours;
  3. Share links that violate Hahalolo's Community Standards;
  4. Increase fake allocation to gain financial benefits;
  5. Create or use a fake account or infringe someone’s account to:
    • Impersonate or pretend to be a business, organization, public figure or individual;
    • Try to create connections, contents or send messages to everyone.
  6. Limit the right to access to contents by requiring users to haha, share or suggest before viewing;
  7. Encourage haha, shares, or clicks on false basis;
  8. Use login information or personally identifiable information in a harmful way by:
    • Trying to collect or share login information or personally identifiable information;
    • Using other’s login information or personally identifiable information.
  9. Promise non-existent Hahalolo features.
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