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How do I leave my reaction, comment or share a post on Hahalolo?
  • Clicking Haha below a post on Hahalolo is a way to let people know that you enjoy their content, while reacting is to specify your response.
  • To react, comment or share a post, hover over Haha and choose a reaction you want to express. The most popular reactions appear below the post, comment or share as icons (ex t_u.png ).

Keep in mind that you can only leave one reaction per post, comment or share.

How do I remove my reaction to something on Hahalolo?

You can only remove your reaction to a comment, post, photo and Page that you previously reacted to.

To remove your reaction to a post, photo/video or comment:

  1. Go to a post, photo/video or comment.
  2. Click pasted_image_0__1_.pngHaha to remove your reaction.

To remove your reaction to Page:

  1. Go to a Page.
  2. Hover over Haha.
  3. Click pasted_image_0.png to remove your reaction.
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