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What content of the Page can I see?
  • To see the content of a Page, access the Page's wall by clicking the Page's name in which the Page appears (News Feed, posts, search results, etc.).
  • The default content that you will see when accessing a Page's wall is Timeline. Similar to News Feed, Timeline displays the posts that Page has posted, sorted by the latest posting order. You can also click Haha or react to Page’s posts that are similar to your own profile or in News Feed.
  • In addition to Timeline, Page's content also includes other content tabs, such as photos / videos that the Page has posted, a more detailed description of the Page, or Reviews have been made by other people after they used the services or products of that Page.
  • You’re only able to leave a review on services/ products when you have actually used them from that Page on Hahalolo. After an order is complete, the buyer will receive one Review corresponding to the Order that has been booked. The purpose of this limitation is to ensure that the Page's reviews are practically from actual customers who have experiences after using the Page's services or products.
  • In addition to the content mentioned above, each Page also has one or more tabs showing the Page’s services / products, and the layout of these tabs will vary according to the type of Page.
  • Find out how the corresponding services/ products of a Page are shown:

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