About Pages

  • Page is the main product of Business on Hahalolo. It provides you with the ability to deploy your Services /Products on Hahalolo, promote and sell your Services /Products on Hahalolo travel community.
  • Hahalolo Page is divided into categories corresponding to each Travel Service/ Product. We currently provide many service/product pages including Tour, Hotel, Flight, Car rental, Shopping, and also support customers (businesses) in actively creating Tour pages and Hotel pages. In the future, with our mission and objectives, we will provide many other types, such as Cafe, Restaurant, Place or Ticket,...
  • Hahalolo Page directly affects and impacts on your business implementation, so be sure to comply with the Page Terms and Policies and other related ones.
  • We provide you with the ability to manage the content of your business operations (Page Management) and the ability to manage the user interface, the experience of looking and feeling, see more how to set up and build the user interface of a Page.
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