Create a business account

As beginning step to start a business on Hahalolo.

After creating a Business Account, you can access to Business Management, where we provide features and mechanisms so you can comfortably build and deploy your organization. The content you create through Business Management for this business purpose will now be referred to Business Assets. One of the most important assets for business on Hahalolo is Pages. You can learn more about Pages on Hahalolo.

Steps to create a Business Account
  1. Access to your personal menu denoted by the triangle pointing down icon (∇) on the top right corner bar.
  2. In the Business Management, click or press the Business Account button.
  3. You will be redirected to the page detailing Business on Hahalolo
  4. Click or press Get started button in the main screen, the Business account creation popup will be turned on
  5. Choose Business Type, Personal or Business. See more Commerce Policies
  6. Enter your Business Name
  7. Enter Owner name and Email that you use for Business account, which may be different from Name and Email of the account
  8. Click or press Finish
Why can't I create a Business Account?

If you cannot create a Business account, make sure:

    • Your Hahalolo account is not restricted about features or locked
    • Make sure you provide full of the required information, including: Type and Name of Business, Name and Email you use for your Business account
    • Ensure that it has been 45 days after you just deleted the previous Business account

If you still cannot create a Business account, please contact us

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