Tour is a main product of Page for Travel agencies. It provides your customers with an understanding of how they will get the tour, where to go, what to note and prepare, etc. So take care of the information you will provide and make sure that everything you post is true and within your possibility of providing services.

Let's start to try creating a new Tour:

  1. Access to Tours in Page Settings menu
  2. Click Create new tour
  3. Enter a tour name, please note: the tour name you provide will come with your default language at the present time, you can completely add a tour name for other languages later.
  4. Identify it is a domestic or international tour
  5. Select a corresponding tour topic
  6. Click or press Create to confirm.

After a successful creation, you will be taken to the Tour details page, where you really design a great Tour for your customers.

Please note that some of the Tour information will be placed at the top and appeared in all Tour content areas; this information will have an effect on all of those areas, which means you'll set up only once for all other contents. This information includes:

  • Language: Hahalolo (in the future) will support a lot of different languages, you can translate the contents of the corresponding Tours into multiple languages depending on the purpose of expanding your own business market. Note: Be sure to provide enough information for one language before moving on setting up the content for another language.
  • Currency: set the base currency of the Tour, and apply to all currency attributes included in the Tour. When customers see your Tour information, Hahalolo will automatically convert to the currency they want.
  • Status: indicate the current status of Tour. You can change your Tour between Published or Unpublished. Note: the status changes only have an effect on new customers; for orders purchased, you still have to complete the service obligations.

Find out Tour details:

Tour information

Basic Tour content descriptions, photos, videos and some basic attributes of the Tour:

  • Address: include number, street name, district/county, city, country of the first departure point.
  • International tour? : identify whether or not it's an International Tour.
  • Total days: the total number of days the Tour will take place
  • SKU : your own product number
  • Allow merging?: determine whether or not a Tour will allow for single booking, which means you allow customers to sign up for single booking - inadequate part, e.g. a 5-day Tour, customers only want to go day 2, 3, 4, etc.
  • Tour name : The name of the Tour (in your current language).
  • Short description : A brief description of the Tour (in the current language), a description that will be previewed on Hahalolo.
  • Full Description : a more complete description of the Tour (in the current language), note that the full description content should not contain a short description.
  • Tour details : the main content that describes the Tour itinerary, detailing what activities your customers will be taken part in every day
  • Notices : important announcements or notices for customers when participating in the Tour.
  • Tour policy : rules, terms for customers when participating in the Tour.
  • Logo, Cover, Gallery : the photo settings for Tour. You should upload a minimum of 5 photos for the Gallery to ensure that your Tour is displayed on Hahalolo perfectly.
Tour parts

Unlike Tour Details in the information section, Parts provide customers with more information about each day included in the Tour. Each part corresponds to an actual day, so set up a sufficient number of Parts corresponding to the Total days you have set in the Tour Information section.

Click Create new part or Edit in the Created Part to move to the Part details, including:

  • Address : number, street name, district/county, city of the departure place of that Part.
  • Part name : the name of the Part
  • Part Order : Ordinal days of each Part during the entire tour.
  • Departure time : Departure time of the Part.
  • Description : describe the specific program of the Part.
  • Transportation : select the kinds of vehicles that appear in the Part, such as Trains, Cars, Speedboats, etc.
  • Part logo: set an avatar for a Part.

Set up what time your Tour will be available (on sale). Select exactly on the calendars we show you to determine the dates on which the Tour takes place

Note: selecting a date on the calendar is to identify the available departure date for the Tour, you must not select a date for the entire tour program, for example:

  • For a 5-day itinerary tour, in May 2018 you will organize (or openly sell) 2 programs for that Tour on May 10th and 20th.
  • TRUE: click check mark on May 10th and 20th on the calendar.
  • FALSE: click check mark on the dates: 10-> 14 and 20-> 24 of May on the calendar.


Please make sure of the following before you make a close (opt out) of 1 day open sale on the calendar:

  • Make sure the program on that day does not have any Order booked or confirmed, or you should cancel the order before stopping selling depending on what your purpose is; for example: canceling a previous wrong setting or stopping receiving new orders on that day because it is beyond your serving possibility.
  • Be sure to still provide the full services for the program(s) at the time of making a close of open sale, in the case of Confirmed Orders still in service before
Price settings

In order for a Tour to become available for customers to order, Price is a required component you must set. We provide you with a Price setting mechanism for a Tour over a period of time, described as follows:

  • Prices are set according to the mechanism of start time applied
  • Meaning that, starting from the setting time, any subsequent day will apply the corresponding price unless reaching a different time.
  • With the same example in the schedule setting, you have a Tour set up for sale on the 10th and 20th of May 2018:
    • If you set a price of VND 1,000,000 starting on May 2, 2018
    • At this time, 10th and 20th (and the sale opening dates later if any) that you have set up for sale will automatically be applied the price of VND 1,000,000.
    • If you set a new price of VND 500,000 on one of the days from 11 to 19 of May, 2018, then the sale opening date on May 20 you have set will not apply the price of 1,000,000 but a new price of VND 500,000 instead.


  • Although you still can edit the Set Price, that price will apply to New Tour orders, Tours booked before the time you change Prices still use old price
  • The price setting feature is designed to simplify the way of planning your Tour sale Price, which is called the basic Tour Prices. If you want to organize events to attract customers, for example discount on Tour prices during a certain Festival period, use the Promotions feature to set up as an additional section providing more information about the event you plan to organize.

Price details including:

  1. Start Date: identify the start date for applying this Price. Note: the start time is 0h based on your timezone setting up in account settings.
  2. Adult price: prices apply to adults
  3. Child price: prices apply to children under 12 years of age.
  4. Young child price: prices apply to children under 3 years of age
  5. Visa: prices for Visa Application Services
  6. Single room: prices if the guest chooses to stay in a single room.

This feature allows you to quickly see which promotions are applied to your tour, so that you can generalize the upcoming promotion plan

The creation or modification of real promotions is carried out in the Promotions feature.


As an additional information to let your customers know what accompanied services your Tours have, customers can have a private request.

You need to understand that although we currently only provide functionality as the additional information that is not attached to specific operations, you need to make sure your information is true and within your possibility of providing services. In case you intentionally provide false information, we will consider restrictive measures for Your Page, Business Account or even Personal Account.

Interactive information

Features aggregating information about user reactions to the Tour, including:

  • Haha: a collection of Haha on your Tour
  • Comment: a collection of comments on your Tour
  • Review: a collection of reviews after your Tour.
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