Availability & Pricing settings

  • What is availability? It is the predetermination which room types will be opened for sale at a specific time (period). The room price at that time is accompanied by availability.
  • You can predetermine the availability of Room Types as a way of pre-planning your business, and come back later to set up the sale prices. And assuredly, your Room type is actually only distributed to users once the price has been set up.

To set Availability & Pricing, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Availability and Pricing in the Page Settings menu.
  2. You can use the filter to display the schedule for the desired time period by selecting day/week/month, start time, finish time and Language.
  3. The schedule is displayed in a 2-dimensional matrix with a horizontal axis corresponding to the time (in days or according to the display mode you choose) and a vertical axis that is the Room Types your hotel has.
  4. Click Add availability or any schedule box directly to open the sale opening popup.
  5. Select the Room type that needs to be set up. If you choose directly on the schedule, the default Room type is already selected accordingly.
  6. Determine the applicable period of Sale Price.
  7. Enter the Price of the currently selected Room Type.
  8. Click the Bedcase of the currently selected Room type and enter the respective Number of available rooms. In case you do not want to set up the Price, you can leave it blank or do not click any Bedcase. In order for the Room Type to actually be distributed to the guest, at least one Bedcase needs to be set up Sale price.
  9. Click Update to finish.
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