III.2. Objectionable and violent content

Policy Rationale

We aim to build a safe and friendly community, so we will remove content that glorifies violence or celebrates the suffering or humiliation of others because it may create an environment that discourages participation.

However, in some cases we allow objectionable content (with some limitations) to help people raise awareness about issues as we know that people value the ability to discuss important issues like human rights abuses or terrorist acts. We add a warning label to especially objectionable or violent content so that it is not available to people under the age of eighteen and so that people are aware of the objectionable or violent nature before they click to see it.

Do not post:

Videos of dying, wounded, or dead people if they contain:

  • Dismemberment unless in a medical setting;
  • Visible internal organs;
  • Charred or burning people;
  • Victims of cannibalism;
  • Throat-slitting.

Live streams of capital punishment of a person

Imagery of violence committed against real people or animals with comments or captions by the poster that contain:

  • Enjoyment of suffering;
  • Enjoyment of humiliation;
  • Erotic response to suffering;
  • Remarks that express positively of the violence; or;
  • Remarks indicating the poster is sharing footage for sensational viewing pleasure.

Videos or photos that depict child abuse, defined as:

  • Repeated kicking, beating, slapping, or stepping on by an adult or animal;
  • Strangling or suffocating by an adult or animal;
  • Drowning by an adult or animal;
  • Biting through skin by an adult or animal;
  • Poisoning by an adult;
  • Forcible restraint by an adult;
  • Inflicting of burn or intentional injured by an adult;
  • Forcible smoking;
  • Tossing, rotating, or shaking of an infant (too young to stand) by their wrists/ankles, arms/legs, or neck.
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