III.4. Cruel and insensitive

Policy Rationale

We believe that people share and connect more freely when they do not feel targeted based on their vulnerabilities. As such, we have higher expectations for content that we call cruel and insensitive, which we define as content that targets victims of serious physical or emotional harm.

Do not post:

Content that depicts real people and laughs at or makes fun of their serious physical injury, starvation, or serious or fatal disease or disability.

Content that contains sadistic remarks and any visual or written depiction of real people experiencing premature death, serious physical injury, physical violence or domestic violence.

Imagery that depicts real animals that are visibly experiencing and being laughed at, made fun of, or contain sadistic remarks for any of the following (except staged animal vs. animal fights or animal fights in the wild):

  • premature death;
  • serious physical injury (including mutilation);
  • physical violence from a human.
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