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Hahalolo's Terms of service govern content related to the use of Hahalolo's e-commerce services, online travel social network (hereinafter referred to as the "Hahalolo System") including features, services, applications, technology and software, except the Personal Page Account terms or the Business Page Account terms that have separate provisions and do not apply the provisions of these Terms.

1. The services Hahalolo provides

Hahalolo aims to build an online environment for travel experience, the most optimal, economical and convenient shopping for Hahalolo’s service users (hereinafter referred to as "Users"). To develop its goals, Hahalolo provides the following services to Users:

Provide a personalised experience of user's online travel and shopping:

Hahalolo gives Users their own experience from the posts, travel experiences, promotions, advertisements, events that the Users see on the News Feed, Experience section or Pages that they follow as well as features that they use such as search, applications, recruitment, promotions, etc.

Hahalolo uses data collected from Users to create their own experience through their connection, settings, choices and experiences that they have shared on Hahalolo.

Connect Users with product and service suppliers on Hahalolo System (hereinafter referred to as "Suppliers") as desired:

Through the Hahalolo System, Users can search and connect with friends, businesses, organizations and community groups that they are interested in. The system uses information collected from Users to support the use of the service more effectively, such as making suggestions to Users about other ones who have mutual friends, groups, pages related to the needs of Users; programs, events taking place in the area where the user is living, etc. The goal of connecting Users together is to have the best travel and shopping experience, sharing on Hahalolo will also be carried out better when Users connect with other ones, groups and organizations that they care about.

Users can share about themselves and their experiences, moments on Hahalolo:

You can update, check in, experience your trip, upload your videos, photos, posts on your Profile or create site, connect with the community to share with other Users. In addition, since connecting with friends and relatives through messages and interaction from your Profile is to share your moments with others, Hahalolo is constantly developing services for Users to have the best experiences and applying modern technology for products and services on Hahalolo system with the purposes of serving the needs of Users and making the experience more interesting and attractive.

Users experience content, products and services from other businesses or organizations that they’re interested in:

Hahalolo system receives information from Suppliers and Users to understand which products, services and experiences Users are interested in. We will display advertising content, events, promotions and other content to help Users experience products and services offered by Hahalolo's Suppliers. We aim to provide Users with useful and relevant information to help them have the best experience on Hahalolo.

Help Suppliers to deploy the business on Hahalolo:

Hahalolo allows Suppliers to set up business accounts and post online information to introduce and promote product/service users. The regulations on Supplier's posting, payment methods as well as procedures are specified in the Terms, Commercial Policies and Payment Terms on Hahalolo.

Protect Users and facilitate Hahalolo community without any harmful behaviors

With modern technical systems and professional staff, Hahalolo builds the mechanisms of information filtering for the purposes of preventing the community from harmful behaviors once Hahalolo's services are used for the wrong purpose, adversely affecting the Hahalolo User community. In case a harmful behavior is detected, the system will take appropriate measures through support tools, disable the account to prevent account access to essential features, notify the relevant authorities if there are any serious acts that violate the current law provisions on information on the Internet. Besides, we will notify Hahalolo's associated companies to prevent harmful behaviors that affect on Hahalolo's services.

Hahalolo applies modern technology to provide safe and convenient services for Users and actively researches into improvement orientations of its services:

To better understand the needs of Users as well as bring them with better and better experience as they use Hahalolo services, Hahalolo is constantly analyzing and cooperating with partners to improve its services. Also, Hahalolo applies modern technology through modern machinery systems, intelligent softwares and automatic systems to upgrade search ability and eliminate harmful activities from the Hahalolo User community.

Users can access and use Hahalolo's services globally:

To ensure the use of Hahalolo's services is not restricted to certain countries, we aim to increase storage capacity and content distribution, information of systems as well as data centers worldwide, not only limited to the User's country by associating with related partners and Hahalolo Companies to operate and control corresponding infrastructure and techniques in order to meet the purpose.

2. Data policy and privacy that chosen by Users

To support the use of Hahalolo's services more effectively, the information collection from Users is specified in the Data Policy that Users agreed on when they have signed up for using Hahalolo's services. Users can set their own privacy in the privacy settings section that is set up in User account settings.

3. User commitment to Hahalolo and our User community when using Hahalolo services

In order to ensure the use of Hahalolo services is as useful and convenient as desired and promote the development of the online travel community and shopping connection goal effectively, Users need to make the the following commitments:

3.1 Ensure you have the right to use Hahalolo services

Hahalolo User Community is safer and more accountable when:

  1. Users use their real names on legal documents to register the service use;
  2. Users provide accurate information about themselves;
  3. Each User uses only his or her own account and uses his or her timeline for personal purposes;
  4. Users do not share their passwords, give access to their Hahalolo account to others or transfer their account to others without our consent.

Hahalolo aims to provide services to all people. Users need to ensure that they do not belong to the following cases:

  1. Users are under 13 years old and do not have a legal representative (or at other ages under in the User's country about using online information service);
  2. Users have been convicted of a sex-related offense by the court;
  3. An User account used to be disabled for violations of our terms or policies;
  4. Users are prohibited from using our products, services or software under the related current law provisions.

3.2 Sharing content and activity enable Users to do on Hahalolo

Users are encouraged to share their own experiences and other important content, but ensure that they do not violate others’ privacy and User community cohesion on Hahalolo. Therefore, Users should ensure the following content:

  1. Users may not use Hahalolo services to do or share any content identified as:
    • That breaches these Terms of service, Community Standards and other Terms and Policies that are applicable as Users sign up to use Hahalolo services.
    • Violations of applicable law provisions,or misleading, discriminatory or fraudulent actions.
    • That is harmful or infringes on someone else’s rights and interests.
  2. Users may not upload viruses or malicious code or take other actions that are to disable, overburden or impair the Hahalolo service supply.
  3. Users may not use automated means or any other way to access other Users' data without our consent.

If it is determined that Users make any activities violating the stated content, we will take preventive measures, such as deleting content, restricting account access, and disabling account if necessary. If Users repeatedly infringe on someone’s intellectual property rights, we may also disable their account.

To ensure the User community has secure connection and information security, we encourage Users to report content that violates or acts that Users determine violate their rights or violate our terms and policies so we take measures to inspect, handle promptly.

3.3 Users give Hahalolo the following permissions

In order to use Hahalolo services effectively, Users grant us the following rights:

  1. Permission to use information from content that Users create and share:

    Users possess the content of tours and experiences that they create and share on Hahalolo. With these Terms of Service, we are not aiming to take away the User ownership but we need to be provided with some appropriate rights to use such content, such as storing, coping and sharing it with suppliers to assist in providing the best services to Users when they use Supplier services on Hahalolo.

    Users may delete their content or registered account if they wish to cancel the right of using Hahalolo information. However, if the information is shared with other Users who do not delete the content, it will continue to appear on their News Feed and Profile. Additionally, when Users delete the posting content, the system will store a backup copy of the content posted by themselves for a specified period although it is not visible to other Users.

  2. Permission to use the name, Profile picture, and information about the User’s actions for the advertising content on Hahalolo System:

    Hahalolo uses information about User’s name, profile picture, and actions to display content related to ads, offers and other sponsored content that the User is interested in, participates for other Users who are friends or have permission to see User actions on the Hahalolo System. Hahalolo may not need to compensate Users for using the information.

  3. Permission to update software that Users use or download:

    If Users use or download system software, they give us permission to download and install updates, add new features, improve, enhance and develop the software.

3.4 Users are restricted to using our intellectual property rights

When obtaining Hahalolo's written permission, Users are allowed to use the copyright or trademark of Hahalolo for content that Users create or share, extract source code from us to modify, create derivative works of, decompile, or in any other manner.

4. Additional provisions

4.1 Updating our Terms of Service

To implement the goal of providing Users with the best travel and online shopping experience, we always do our best to improve and develop new features, creating better Products with the hope of bringing them to Users, Hahalolo travel social network and online shopping community. We may need to update the content of Terms of Service to accurately reflect the changes and additions, and notify it to Users to ensure that they have agreed on those changes when they continue using our services, except for some other cases under the applicable law provisions. In case Users do not agree on adjustments of the updated Terms of Service and do not wish to continuously participate in Hahalolo travel social network and online shopping community, they can stop using Hahalolo services by deleting their account at any time.

4.2 Account suspension or termination

Users who violate Hahalolo terms, Community Standards or policies may be subject to the measures, such as suspended or disabled accounts. If User's violation affects the Hahalolos service supply and Hahalolo travel social network and online shopping user community or User's violation puts us at legal risks under the current law provisions, Hahalolo reserves the right to suspend User's use of services or disable their account.

4.3 Limits on liability

Hahalolo is always striving to perfect its products and specifies clear regulations to provide users with the best experience. Hahalolo makes no guarantees that the Products which we provide are always safe, secure without system errors or access disruptions. To the extent permitted by law, Hahalolo disclaims all warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of intellectual property rights. We do not control or direct what Users do, so we are not responsible for User’s actions, statements or content that they share.

Hahalolo cannot predict when issues might arise with the services provided by itself. Accordingly, Hahalolo’s liability shall be limited to the extent permitted by applicable law. Hahalolo is not responsible to Users for any loss of profits, revenues, information and data or damages arising out of Terms of Service or services provided by Hahalolo, even if Hahalolo has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

4.4 Disputes

To avoid disputes that arise between Hahalolo and Users, Hahalolo tries to specify rules during the time Users use Hahalolo services. If a dispute does arise, however, it's useful for Users to know up front where it can be resolved and what laws will apply.

The laws of the country in which Hahalolo is based will apply to resolve any claims or disputes that arise between Users and Hahalolo under the Terms of Service or from the service provided by Hahalolo. Users may choose any competent court in the country where Buyers/ Users reside to resolve the claims. For the remaining cases, Users agree that claims will be resolved in the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh city or the People 's court of Hue city, Vietnam. Users agree to submit to the jurisdiction of either of these courts for the purpose of litigating any such claim, and the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam will govern these Terms of Service as well as resolve any claims, without regard to conflict of law provisions.

4.5 Other

  1. These Terms of Service make up the entire agreement between Users and Hahalolo regarding the use of our services, and supersede any prior agreements between Users and us.
  2. Users who use some of our other services such as Business Page or post videos, music , etc. must comply with Hahalolo's supplemental terms, such as the Terms of Business Page, Data Policy about sound and images. If there is a conflict between these Terms of Service and supplemental terms, the supplemental terms shall govern to the extent of the conflict.
  3. The validation of the content of Terms of Service is guaranteed regardless of whether any content is disabled or modified. Any content adjustment or invalidation of the Terms of Service must be made in writing which is signed and stamped by the Company.
  4. Users will not transfer any of their rights or obligations under the content of these Terms of Service except for the case of our consent. In case Users appoint an heir to manage their account if it is memorialised, the account management content must be fully presented in the will or other valid documents;
  5. Hahalolo may transfer all its rights and obligations under the Terms of Service in connection with a merger, acquisition or sale of assets, or by operation of applicable law without notifying Users or receiving consent from them;
  6. In certain circumstances, Hahalolo may need to change someone’s username if there is a report from any User on the name that User owns and the one the User is using are not related to his/her real name. Hahalolo encourages Users to use their real name to sign up for using Hahalolo services;
  7. For service quality improvement and system development, Hahalolo encourages Users to respond and make suggestions for Hahalolo services. Hahalolo will use such content without User's consent or paying Users a fee;
  8. Hahalolo reserves all rights not expressly granted to Users.

5. Additional terms and policies apply to Users when they use Hahalolo services

  • Community Standards: The set of guidelines regulates the content that Users post as well as their activities on Hahalolo and Hahalolo 's related services;
  • Commercial Terms: These terms apply if Users use Hahalolo services for any commercial or business purposes, including advertising, setting up a Business page for the purpose of selling goods or services;
  • Commerce Policies: These policies specify that they apply when Users conduct business activities on Hahalolo System.
  • Hahalolo User Community Payment Terms: These terms apply to Users when their payments are made on Hahalolo.
  • Data policy: This policy describes the User information and data that Hahalolo processes.
  • Cookie Policy: This policy explains Cookies and the rules of using Cookies on Hahalolo System.
Date of Last Revision: 01/10/2018
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