How News Feed Works

What kinds of posts will I see in News Feed?
  • Posts that you see in News Feed are aimed to keep you connected to the people, places, and things that you care about, starting with your friends and family.
  • Posts that you see first are influenced by your connections and activity on Hahalolo. The number of comments, reactions and shares a post receives and what kind of story it is (example: photo, video, experience) can also make it more likely to appear higher up in your News Feed.

Posts that you might see first include:

  • Your friends or family members commenting on or interacting with another friend's photo or status update.
  • A person reacting to a post from a certain publisher that a friend has shared.
  • Multiple people replying to each other’s comments on a video they watched or a post they read in News Feed.

Keep in mind that if you feel you're missing posts you'd like to see, or seeing posts in your News Feed that you don't want to see, you can adjust your settings.

Why am I seeing posts in my News Feed about people I'm not friends with or pages I'm not in?
  • Your News Feed includes posts about your friends’ activity on Hahalolo, including when your friends comment on posts from people you’re not friends with. You also might see posts about your friends commenting in public pages that you're not a member of. Also you can see the posts from Pages we think you're caring about, based on our predictions from how you use our system (for example, what content you often see on Hahalolo, what pages you care about, ...).
  • We are working hard on providing you with more possibilities to adjust the content on your News Feed that you wish to see.
Why are posts I’ve already seen still appearing in my News Feed?

Sometimes a post that you’ve already seen will move to the top of News Feed because many of your friends have reacted or commented on it. This helps you see popular posts and conversations that your friends are interacting with the most.

What influences the order of posts in my News Feed?

To be able to connect people to the posts that matter to them most, we use a process called News Feed ranking. This means that ranking helps the News Feed to create a diverse stream of posts from users, news sources, businesses and communities you’ve connected with on Hahalolo.

Somethings influence ranking more than others, and some of the most important factors include:

  • How many times you have interacted with posts from friends or pages.
  • If the type of post is something you often interact with (example: Photo, video, link or experience).
  • The number of reactions, comments, and shares a post receives from users that see it. Keep in mind that these posts are shared by the friends you follow.
  • How recently something was posted.

Besides, there are some things that have a smaller influence on the news feed you see. We may take into account signal causes such as how fast your internet connection is right now or what kind of phone you're using (BECAUSE this can affect how quickly things can load on your news feed).

What would I do if there's a post in my news feed annoying me?
Computer Mobile apps

If there's a post in your news feed that annoys you, click Untitled-0.png in the top right of the post and select Report Post. You'll need to enter the reason for that annoyance caused to you or it does not comply with our Community Standards . The post will immediately be hidden from your news feed, and will be sent to the Hahalolo admin to consider if it should appear on others' News Feed.

How do I turn automatic sound for News Feed videos on Hahalolo on or off?

This feature is currently only available on Hahalolo mobile apps.

This feature helps you manage sounds to limit unwanted noise emitted from user's videos.

IOS app Android app
  1. Tapmenu.png in the bottom right of Hahalolo, then tap Settings & Privacy settings
  2. Tap Setting preferences
  3. Select Newsfeed and tap 1.png to turn "Videos in Newsfeed start with sound" on or off.

Keep in mind that videos will only play automatically when your phone or tablet is connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you are using Hahalolo over cellular data, you must tap on the video to play it. Videos use more data than other posts on Hahalolo and may affect your mobile data plan.

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