What can I search for on Hahalolo?

You can search for people, posts and Pages. Start searching with keywords and you'll see a list of results that you can filter. If you need some ideas, you can try some of these searches:

  • Ban Mai Hotel
  • Hoa Sen Company
Does my search history appear when I enter something into the Hahalolo search bar?

No, the list that appears when you enter something in the search bar isn't your search history. It's a list of relevant predicted results for your search query based on popular searches on Hahalolo, commonly known as search predictions.

What shows up in Hahalolo search results?

You see your unique search results based on:

  • Your connection with people, places and things.
  • What you're able to see on Hahalolo, including what your friends share with you.
  • Your friends, connections and interests will influence the order in which search results are displayed.
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