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How do I send a message on Hahalolo?
  1. To send a direct message on Hahalolo from a computer:
    • Click Chat in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    • Click the person you want to chat with.
    • You can search for friends in the list.
    • You can create group chats with multiple people.
  2. Or you can click Send message at the top of the person’s profile you want to chat with.
Who can I send messages to on Hahalolo?

You can send messages to anyone on Hahalolo.

How do I know if a friend has seen a message I sent on Hahalolo?
  • When you message someone on Hahalolo, you'll see an icon to let you know when your messages have been seen. This icon will appear in your conversation.
  • tyhrt.png: Double gray check marks along with the time means your message has been seen at the time displayed next to it.
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