Hotel Information

Give you the ability to set up hotel basic information, your terms, rules or policies. The information you set up here will be the face for the Hotel that guests will approach almost first

Find out Hotel details:


The specific information section of a Hotel, including:

  • Type: determine your type of hotel, such as: hotel, apartment, hostel, villa, resort, etc
  • Check-in / check-out time: determine the time when the hotel check-in and check-out period is calculated, such as most hotels using the 12:00 pm mark for check-out time and 14:00 pm for the check-in time
  • Allow pets?: determine whether or not the hotel allows pets to stay
  • Extra bed: determine the rules for extra beds, such as a free extra bed for children under 2 years old, VND 100,000 for an extra bed for children under 10 years old, ...
  • Cards accepted: determine the list of payment cards that the Hotel accepts.
Facilities & Services

Determine what Facilities & Services your hotel has, let your guests know how the hotel they will stay in is, how the scale is and what services they receive.

We also repeat that the determination of the Facilities & Services list is still in your own declaration, so we hope you ensure that the information you provide is true in reality, otherwise we must use limited measures.

How to set up:

  • Facilities / services are pre-categorized into several groups
  • Select what facilities / services your hotel has, we will take charge of the rest by giving this information to your guests.
Payment & Cancellation Terms

This feature gives you the ability to set up compulsory prepayments (in whole or in part) and terms if there is a reservation cancellation.

  • Set up rules: specify the rule that will apply to the hotel, select one of the available rules, including:
    • General rules: The hotel has general rules, however, if there is a specific rule for room type, the room type rule will be prioritized
    • By Room Type:indicate that your hotel does not have general rules but there are specific rules for each Room Type
  • Prepaid rate: set the rate at which your hotel requires prepayment. Value from 0-100%. Setting 0 means that the guest does not need to prepay; setting 100% means that a reservation is required to prepay 100%
  • Refund rate upon cancellation: set the rate at which your hotel will make a refund when that person must cancel a reservation for personal reasons. Similar to prepaid rate, the set value is from 0-100%
  • Minimum remaining time: set the minimum remaining time from the time of cancelling the reservation to the time of check in, at that time, the guest will be subject to the terms of the refund rate upon cancellation

This is a place where you manage the Hotel's media (resources) including photos and videos. These resources will be displayed along with the Hotel information in the locations relating/showing that Hotel.

You can divide into Albums for resources that you consider to be the same topic you desire.

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