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Room type is the main product of Hotel Page. It provides your customers with an understanding of how the room they will stay in is, what utilities, facilities or services, ... are available. Therefore, take care of the information you will provide and make sure that everything you post is true and within your possibility of providing services.

Let's start to try creating a Room Type:

  1. Click Room types in the Page Settings menu.
  2. Click or press Create new room type.

You will be taken to the Room Type details page, when you actually set up a Room Type that you currently have for your customers

Please note that some Room Type information will be placed at the top and appear in all content areas; this information will take effect on all of those areas, that means you'll set up only once for all other contents. These information includes:

  • Language: Hahalolo (in the future) will support many different languages, you can translate the contents of the corresponding Room Type into multiple languages depending on the purpose of expanding your own business market. Note: Be sure to provide enough information for one language before moving on to setting up the content for another language.
  • Currency: set the base currency of Room type, which applies to all currency attributes included in Room Type. When customers see your Room Type information, Hahalolo will automatically convert to the currency they desire.
  • Status: show the current status of Room Type. You can change the status of Room Type between Published or Unpublished. Note: the status change only has an effect on new customers; for orders purchased, you still have to complete service obligations

Learn detailed information of a Room Type:

General information

Set up typical basic information of a Room Type, including:

  • Name: the name of the Room Type, corresponding to the selected language.
  • Short description: a short description of no more than 150 words, which is the first content displayed on Hahalolo for a Room Type
  • Description: a full description of Room Type, allowing rich text entry such as inserting photos and videos.
  • Acreage: determine the acreage of Room type, unit in square meter.
  • Basic price:set up the basic price of the Room type, this parameter is only displayed for the Room type in the case that the system cannot calculate the room rate from your other settings
  • Maximum number of adults:determine the maximum number of adults that Room type can accommodate.
  • Total rooms: determine the total number of rooms you want to deploy on Hahalolo, such as the fact that you have 10 rooms and you only deploy to open 5 rooms on our system
  • Cover image: set up the avatar for this Room Type.

Set up the resource list of Room type, including photos and videos. Your image gallery will be displayed when customers view Room Type details

Facilities & Services

Determine the Facilities & Services which your Room Type has to let your customers know how the room they will stay in is, how the scale is and what services they will receive.

We also reiterate that the determination of the Facilities & Services list is still in your own declaration, so we hope you ensure that the information you provide is true in reality, otherwise we must use limited measures.

How to set up:

  • Facilities / services are pre-categorized into several groups.
  • Select what Facilities / services your room type has, we will undertake the rest by giving this information to your guests.
Bed Case

The feature gives you the ability to set up one or more interior layout cases for the same room type. For example, with Deluxe room you can have 2 rooms with 2 single beds, and 1 room with 1 double bed but still ensure a maximum of 2 adults.

How to set up:

  • Click or press Add Bed case to add a new case
  • In details of each case, you can add 1 or more bed types

This feature allows you to quickly see which promotions are being applied to your Room type, help you shape in general the upcoming promotion plan.

The creation or modification of real promotions is done in the Promotion feature.

Payment & Cancellation Terms

This feature will give you the ability to set up compulsory prepayments (in whole or in part) and terms if there is a reservation cancellation.

  • Set up rules:specify the rule that will apply to the hotel, select one of the available rules, including:
    • General rules: The hotel has general rules, however, if there is a specific rule for room type, the room type rule will be prioritized
    • By Room Type: indicate that your hotel does not have general rules but there are specific rules for each Room Type
  • Prepaid rate: set the rate at which your hotel requires prepayment. The rate is from 0-100%. Setting 0 means that the guest does not need to prepay; setting 100% means that a reservation is required to prepay 100%
  • Refund rate upon cancellation:set the rate at which your hotel will make a refund when that person must cancel a reservation for personal reasons. Similar to prepaid rate, the set value is from 0-100%
  • Minimum remaining time: set the minimum remaining time from the time of cancelling the reservation to the check-in time, at that time, the guest will be subject to the terms of the refund rate upon cancellation
Interactive information

These are features aggregating information about user interactions to the Tour, including:

  • Haha: a collection of Haha on your Rome type
  • Comment: a collection of comments on your Rome type.
  • Reviews:a collection of Reviews your Rome type
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