Buy points

How do I buy points?

You can use points you've purchased to give them to your favorite content on Hahalolo


  1. Click Buy Points in the left column of the screen
  2. Select Number of points you want to buy. There are 5 levels: Bronze (5 points), Silver (10 points), Gold (20 points), Diamond (50 points), and Ruby (100 points) that are converted into the corresponding amount
  3. Select Payment method

    Hahalolo currently supports users with point buying and payment via the two following methods

    1. For Hahalolo payment account: Make sure the Available Balance in your Payment Account is enough to buy the number of points you want.
    2. For International payment card (Visa/Master): Enter full and accurate information, including: Card number, Cardholder name, Expiration date, CVC code.
  4. Click Pay
  5. Enter your PIN to confirm, then click Confirm to complete point buying

View the Set up a PIN instructions if you haven't set up a PIN or forgot your PIN.

The system will display a successful or failed notification of your point buying. After your successful buying, check it in Points in the left corner of the screen. Or you can check the point buying transaction history in the Points section of Transaction history.

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