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How do I know if I have booked a Tour successfully?
Once you complete your tour payment, you will receive a confirmation email of your reservation, including a booking number and tour information. You can also check your booking status by going to "Look up booking number" or "Handnotes" on Hahalolo website/app.
How far in advance can I book a tour?
You can book a tour at least a few days before departure date, depending on the regulations of each supplier. However, you should make your reservation as soon as possible.
What will I eat while on tour if I am a vegetarian?
Travelers with particular meal requirements (vegetarians, allergies, etc.) should inform the tour supplier/tour guide and Hahalolo Customer Service in advance after booking the tour to avoid needless omissions.
Is it acceptable if I don't want to eat with the the tour?

You can find out whether or not the tour price includes meals in the Private regulations of each tour.

If a meal cost is included in the tour price, please notify the tour supplier/tour guide of your requirements in advance so that preparations can be made. It depends on the refund policy in accordance with each tour supplier's regulations for your meals.

Can the tour be taken with elderly people who are inconvenient to walk or who use wheelchairs?

- To keep healthy and safe when engaging in the tour, as well as to have the greatest experience, you need to ensure your health when participating in Hahalolo tours.

  • For female travelers aged 55 and older, and male travelers between 60 years of age and older: Hahalolo advises you to go with a relative under the age of 55 (who meets health requirements), to be ready to assist you instantly if any problem arises while on tour.
  • Travelers aged 70 and older must be accompanied by a relative under the age of 55 (in good health), and is rquired to present a medical certificate that includes a doctor's affirmation of good health AND a health commitment in the appropriate form.
  • Travelers aged 80 and older do not have insurance, so Hahalolo normally does not accept travelers of this age.

For people with limited mobility using a wheelchair, please refer to the tour supplier's regulations and policies on tour participants for more details.

Can I change to another tour or alter the date of my tour once purchased?
You cannot change to another Tour or the tour date for a Tour booked on Hahalolo. You can only cancel the booked tour and book a new one.
How early should I get to the airport for tour?
To facilitate the group arrangement process and avoid any omissions at check-in, you must adhere to the airport check-in requirements in accordance with the regulations of each supplier. Normally, you should be at the airport at least 2-3 hours prior to departure for check-in.
What important documents do kids need for a tour?

Travelers from 14 - 18 years old:

  • For traverlers with foreign nationality: passport (original) must be valid for more than 6 months beyond the date of return.
  • For travelers with Vietnamese nationality, one of the following documents is required:
      • Passport (original) must be valid beyond the date of return.
      • ID card (with a validity period of under 15 years from the date of issue).
      • Certifying personal identification form by local police or authorities about his/her residence.

Travelers aged 14 and under:

  • For traverlers with foreign nationality: passport (original).
  • For traverlers with Vietnamese nationality, one of the following documents must be presented:
      • Passport (original) must be valid for more than 06 months beyond the date of return.
      • Birth certificate (original).
      • Birth Certifying Form (infants under one (01) month old);
      • Valid certifying form by a social organization for children under the patronage of that organisation.

For children under 14 years old traveling by plane without an accompanying person, in addition to the preceding documents, the signed commitment and authorisation documents from the legal representative are required.

Can I purchase a separate seat for an accompanying child?
Each travel provider has their own regulations and tour prices based on the age of the travelers. Once booking the tour, please refer to the tour's "Private Regulations" and "Privacy Policy", and choose the appropriate age range in the Number of travelers section.
Are children allowed to travel alone?

Children under 18 years must be accompanied by Parents or relatives over 18 years old. For solo travel (depending on the age specified by tour suppliers), children are required to present a letter of authorisation verified by the local government.

You should contact the supplier for further details.

What is single supplement?

Single supplement may be required in the following cases:

  • You go alone and do not want to share a room with anyone else.
  • You go alone and there is no single traveler in the group to share a room with.
  • An adult goes with 2 children under 12 years old (depending on the supplier's regulations).
I'd like to stay in a property of my choice.
You're free to stay in a property different from the one offered by the tour supplier. However, you may be charged a transportation fee as well as price differential between properties. For further information, please contact the tour supplier directly.
How can I get a VAT invoice for my booking?
For VAT invoice after the puschase is made, please contact our hotline at  1900 57 12 48  or send a request including invoice information to . We're not going to issue invoices after the tour ends.
What if I could not present at the date of departure? Can I cancel the tour and get a refund?
Each supplier's regulations on tour cancelation timelines and refund-cancelation policy are specified in the Private Regulations section of each tour. For any reasons of absence, please refer to this information to know if you may cancel and get a refund.
What if I am not satisfied with the tour service?
You can rate your satisfaction with the tour on the tour page in which you made a reservation on Hahalolo after the tour ends.
Is the tour price inclusive of all entrance fees?
Please refer to the Tour's Private Regulations for more details on regulatory information and included/excluded services in the tour price.
How do I make sure Tour reviews on Hahalolo are trustworthy?
Only customers who have booked and completed their tours will be able to evaluate. Thus, you can firmly rely on the quality rating of tours on Hahalolo.
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