Coin mining

What are Hahalolo coins?

Coins are the reward earned while you browse Hahalolo. The more time you browse, the bigger the coins.

You can use your mined coins to redeem a coupon code on Hahalolo’s product purchase.

How do I mine coins?

A huge number of gift packs full of coins is available for you to mine while enjoying Hahalolo on both website and mobile platforms.

At Hahalolo, you can easily find gift packs full of coins in the following ways:

  • Registering a Hahalolo account successfully.
  • Visiting product pages for the first time.
  • Mining Coins randomly.

    Coin gift boxes will appear randomly within a 24-hour day on Hahalolo's product pages, including Newsfeed, Experience, Tour, Hotel, Flight, Car rental, and Shopping.

    Click the Screenshot_68.png icon to get a random number of coins.

Where can I check my Coin Mining History?
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You can check your Coin mining history on Hahalolo at the Donation Menu:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click as.png  and select Donation
  3. Select Coin Mining to view the history of coin mining, including All, Received, Used.

You can use a filter on each data section to filter the statistical results according to your needs, including From date, To date.

  • Select Search to display a list that meets the requirements you provided.
  • Select Reset to delete the requirements you previously provided.
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