Seller account management


You can view and manage the seller account by visiting with your personal account information.

Seller Code

Seller Code: It is a string of characters unique to each seller on the Hahalolo affiliate marketing system, which is used to identify the seller. Through the Seller Code, Hahalolo can determine whether an affiliate link is yours or another seller's on the system. Therefore, we can quickly and accurately calculate commission when an order is validly paid under Hahalolo regulations.


To go to Profile:

  1. Click the icon mceclip0.png in the upper right corner of the screen
  2. Select Profile.

You can view the personal information of the seller account including your profile picture and basic information that has been synchronized from your personal account.

To add or change the profile picture for a seller account as follows:

  1. Click Untitled-5.png in the lower right of the profile picture
  2. Upload a photo from your device
  3. Once you've selected a photo, you can reposition it by clicking on it and dragging it up or down, and then click Agree.

How to edit personal information:

  1. Select Untitled-4.png Edit
  2. Edit the information that needs to be changed
  3. Click Save to finish editing.
Home page

The affiliate marketing homepage is where the system overview is displayed, including:

  1. Report overview:
    • Statistical chart of your earnings and clicks within a month.
    • A quick summary of the figures for a month:

    - Total products: the number of products you have affiliate marketing enabled.

    - Total clicks: the number of times users have clicked on your affiliate link. Each time they click on the link, the system will count it as one click.

    - Total orders: the number of orders received commission

    - Conversion rate: a measure for sellers to analyze the performance of promoting their products. Conversion rate is calculated with the following formula:
                                Conversion rate (%) = (Orders/Clicks) * 100

    - Total earnings: the total amount of commission you have received from successful orders.

  2. A list of all product/service categories supported for affiliate marketing.
    • Select the product/service you want to grow revenue and click the Turn on Affiliate Marketing button to complete the setup.
    • Commission: At each product/service category, the highest commission rate you may receive will be shown. Click Details to view the commission policy in detail. The commission policy can be set differently by stage, business area and product.
    • Cookie Duration: A parameter that limits the data retention time of customers since they access your link. This is displayed on the right of the product/service category. For example, the cookie duration for the flight ticket is 45 days. At first a customer clicks your affiliate link but has not purchased yet; if he/she comes back for purchase through your link or books tickets directly from the Hahalolo homepage no more than 45 days, your commission will still be calculated.
Product management 

How to access Link Management

  1. At the Seller account interface, select Product management and click Link Management
  2. Products/services whose affiliate marketing have been successfully set will be displayed in Link Management.
  3. For each product/service, you will be given a corresponding link to the product/service and your seller code. Therefore, you can manage all the selected products/services to grow your revenue.
Computer iOS App Android app

There are 2 options to market a product/service

Option 1:

  1. Choose the product you want to market, and quickly copy the available link created by Hahalolo by clicking the icon saochep.png (copy) next to the link.
  2. Promote an affiliate link:
    • Option 1: Copy the link created and paste it on platforms you want to promote.
    • Option 2: Quickly share the link on Hahalolo, Facebook, and Twitter by clicking mceclip1.png Share at the end of the link.

Option 2:

  1. After turning on affiliate marketing for products, you can create an affiliate link yourself by attaching your Seller code to any links enabled.
    • Syntax for creating an affiliate link: [Link to product with affiliate marketing enabled] + "csl = [seller code]".
    • The advantage of this way is to help you split products into specific ones for marketing (attach the code to a specific hotel or hotels in a certain area, province) so that you can get closer to available potential customers. From there, you can build a suitable and successful promotion strategy.
  2. Copy the link created and paste it on platforms you want to promote.

Let's write marketing posts with appealing content or run advertising programs to find customers to buy products/services through your links. You will receive a commission for any purchases of products/services made by the customer.

To turn off affiliate marketing feature for a product/service, click Screenshot_1.png next to the product/service.

Marketing tools

Similar to the manual sharing steps, you can use marketing tools in the following ways:

  1. Paste the affiliate link of the product/service you want to promote
  2. Choose a social media platform you want to promote, including Hahalolo, Facebook and Twitter
  3. Click “Share” to be directed to the posting interface of the selected social media and proceed to create the marketing post.

Currently, Hahalolo Affiliate system displays the statistical information and reports as follows:


  • Statistical chart of affiliate link clicks, total orders received commission, conversion rate and total revenue.
  • Displaying Product Performance: Product name, Clicks, Total orders received commission, Conversion rate and Revenue.


  • Statistical chart of total customers purchasing, total customers in service and total customers served.
  • Displaying Customer details: Customer, Customer ID, Total products purchased, Total payment amount, Total commission received.


  • Statistical chart of total commission in progress, total pending commission and total available commission.
  • Displaying Commission by product: Open sale date, Product name, Order code, Revenue, Commission, Status (You can use status filters in this section, including processing, pending, available and canceled)

You can use a time range filter on each section to filter the statistical results according to your needs.

In addition, for the convenience of effective affiliate marketing management you can export detailed reports in available formats: Excel, PDF, CSV.

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