Business settings

We provide you with the ability to set up hotel basic information, terms, rules or policies.

How to set up hotel overview
  1. At the Hotel Page Management interface, click Business settings
  2. In the Overview section, click Edit
  3. Click edit.png Edit at each section of corresponding overview information of the Hotel, including:
    • Page information: Page name, Alias, Accommodation type, Star rating, Language, Currency (default currency selected when creating the page), Image (upload logo and cover photo).
    • Introduction: describes more information about the hotel.
    • Address information: Address, Country, Province/City/State, Postal code, Latitude, Longitude.
    • Contact information: Full name, Phone number, Another phone number, Email.
  4. Click Save to finish.
How to set up hotel policy
  1. At the Hotel Page Management interface, click Business settings
  2. Click the Policy section
  3. Set up Cancelation Policy: This feature gives you the ability to set the hotel cancelation policies. They include:
    • Cancelation is not allowed: Do not allow guests to cancel the reservation
    • Cancelation and refund according to the rules: Set a timeline to allow Cancelation before check-in time, Refund rate, and Form of application (Total night stays or the first night) corresponding to that timeline. You may set up different cancelation timelines by clicking Add rule.
  4. Set up Payment policy: Switch the toggle on Screenshot_1o.png Allow postpaid if you want to apply the postpaid payment option.
  5. Set up check-in and check-out time: Determine the check-in and check-out calculation period of a hotel. For example, most hotels choose check-in time from 14:00 to 23:00 and check-out time from 10:00 to 12:00.
  6. Set up Children policies
    • To apply the policy of allowing accompanied children, switch the toggle on Screenshot_1o.png  in the Accompanied children are allowed section, then select the Age allowed (From-To)
    • If you do not switch the toggle Screenshot_1o.png  , no accompanied children permitted will be displayed by default.
  7. Set up Pet policies
    • Select Yes: if pets are allowed.
      Carry-on pet fees apply: Select Yes if there is a charge, then enter the fee (Pay this fee at the hotel).
      Select No if it is free.
    • Select No: if pets are not allowed.
  8. Click Save to finish.
How to set up order notifications

This feature is to set up your order notifications by email when there are reservations from guests on the system

  1. At the Hotel Page Management interface, click Business settings
  2. Click the Order notifications section
  3. Switch the toggle on Screenshot_1o.png  Allow sending emails
  4. Enter your Email and Phone number, then click Save
  5. Click Add to add another Email address and Phone number.
    Click  to remove the entered Email and phone number information.
  6. You can also permit your employees to receive emails by clicking Screenshot_1o.png  Allow employees, and select the employees you want to assign in the list below.
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