Facilities and Services

Determine what Facilities & Services your hotel has, which is to let your guests know how their hotel will be, how the scale is and what services they receive.

We also reiterate that the determination of the Facilities & Services list is still in your own declaration, and we will do the rest to give this information to your customers. Therefore, we hope you ensure that the information you provide is true in reality, otherwise we must use limited measures.

How to set up

  1. In the Hotel Page Management interface, select Hotel management and click Facilities and Services
  2. The list of common hotel Facilities and Services is available on the system. Click the checkboxes corresponding to Facilities/Services your hotel has.
  3. For the Facilities/Services determined to apply, select Free or Surcharge at the hotel.
  4. Click Untitled-1.png to finish setting up the Facilities and Services.
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