Hotel Reviews and Interactions

How do I interact with a hotel?
  • Click like.png Haha below the hotel to react.
  • Leave a comment below the hotel you want to interact with.
How do I see and review a hotel?

Your reviews for the Hotels where you have booked on Hahalolo are saved.

Everyone can see Hotel reviews; however, only after you complete the booking process, will you be able to review the hotel.

  1. Go to Handnotes
  2. Select Hotel in the order management.
  3. Click Review at the completed booking order.
  4. Start your evaluation:
    • 5 rating levels which correspond to the number of stars showing your satisfaction of services in order from low to high are Poor - Fair - Good - Very Good - Excellent.
    • The criteria for evaluating your satisfaction level on service quality with a 5-point scale from 1 to 5 include:
      - Location
      - Price
      - Cleanliness
      - Services
      - Facilities
    • Enter content of the review (if any)
  5. Click Submit review to complete your evaluation process of hotel services.
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