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How can I post content on Hahalolo?
  1. At the top of the News Feed or on your Profile, click “Create Post”.
  2. Add updated content or click the type of post you want to share (e.g. Photo/Video, Feeling).
    • You can also remove uploaded photos from the post by clicking X in the right corner of each photo/video.
  3. Click Share.
How can I post experience on Hahalolo?
  1. At the top of the News Feed and Experience section or on your profile, click "Share Experience".
  2. Click "Upload experience cover photo" to select a photo from your device.

    After selecting a cover photo, you can reposition it by clicking the photo and dragging it left or right, up or down.

  3. Click "Experience Title " to add a title to the post.

    Note: The maximum limit of an experience title is 100 characters

  4. Enter the experience content you want to share.
  5. You can also add photos and videos below each paragraph to make your experience more vivid by clicking Photos / Videos. Your gallery will then appear. You can select photos from your gallery or upload photos from your device by clicking the "Upload" button.


    • For photos/videos from your gallery: Click photos you want to select, green check marks will appear on those photos. Then, click the "Select" button to insert the photos into your experience.
    • For photos/videos that have been uploaded from your device: the uploaded photos have a green check mark. Click the photos you don't want to select to deselect them. Then, click the "Select" button.
  6. Click “Share”.

In addition, to make the post content and experience more vivid, you can also:

  • Click pasted_image_0__2_.png to add emoji.
  • Click  pasted_image_0__3_.png to add your location to the post.

You can also restrict the audience for the post content and experience by clicking pasted_image_0__4_.png to select the audience you want to share for your post. Your options include:

  • Public: All Hahalolo users can see the content.
  • Friends: Only your friends can see the content.
  • Privacy: Only you and the person you tagged can see the content.
What is tagging and how does it work?
  • When you tag someone, you create a link to the profile of the person you want to tag. Posts that you've tagged the person will appear on that person's Timeline. If you tag a friend in your post content, anyone seeing the post can click your friend’s name and access their profile.
  • Click pasted_image_0__5_.pngto Tag a friend in your post.
  • When you tag someone in the post, they will be notified. In addition, if you or someone you tag in your post, the post could be visible to the audience you selected plus friends of the tagged person.
How do I share my feelings or activity on Hahalolo?

To share how you’re feeling or what you're doing on Hahalolo:

    1. Click Create Post or Share Experience at the top of the News Feed, Experience, or on your profile.
    2. Click pasted_image_0__6_.png and select Feeling or Activity.
    3. Select Feeling ... (e.g. Feeling happy) in the dropdown menu.
    4. To edit how you’re feeling or what you are doing, click pasted_image_0__6_.png Feeling/Activity and make changes or click X to remove that content from the update.
    5. Once you’ve added your feeling or activity, fill in the status update, then click Share.

Note: You can only add one feeling or activity to a status update.

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