What is mark 10?
How does mark 10 work?
  • We only allow mark 10 to work among individual accounts under Hahalolo's development rules.
  • You will see the icon unnamed.pngMark 10 just below posts, photos, experiences and posts on Community Sites.
  • HThe present denominations of our currency in 5 different bonus levels are VND 5000, VND 10000, VND 20000, VND 50000 and VND 100000.
  • You can see your list of giving and receiving accounts only. This means you are not allowed to see this list of others on each post.


1. Select points

Go to a post, photo, experience, or post on the Community Site that you want to give points, click the icon unnamed.png Point right below and select 1 of 5 point levels you want to award.




2. Confirm your given points

Enter your personal account password in order to confirm your given points and ensure user security, then click Confirm.


Option 1: Check notifications

Open your notifications to see the content of receiving points from another personal account.




Option 2: Directly check each post

Click the icon Screenshot_8.jpg Point below your post which is awarded points to see who has given them to the post.

You can see details of how to give & receive points here

Please contact us if you require any further information.

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