What are Points?

Points are the reward feature on Hahalolo, which allows users with personal accounts and personal payment accounts on Hahalolo to take the following actions:

  • Give - Receive Points directly on quality personal posts, experiences and posts on a Community Site. This aims to encourage, approach, and spread great content to many readers, show interest and praise other people's content by giving Points on Hahalolo.
  • Redeem available Points for direct discounts when making payment for tour, hotel, and flight orders on Hahalolo.
How are Points used?
    • Give Points to posts and experiences on Hahalolo, or in the personal payment account management section with different donation levels. This means you can also Receive Points from the community for the content you create.
      View detailed instructions for Receiving Points - Giving Points
    • Redeem Points for direct discounts when making payment for tour, hotel, and flight orders on Hahalolo.
      View detailed instructions for Redeeming points in the payment
  • To increase the number of Points, you can Buy Points in your personal payment account.
    View detailed instructions for Buying Points
  • The redemption value of Points is specified in each activity. This value is displayed in the currency selected by the user, provided that the U.S. dollar is used as the standard currency unit for conversion according to the bank rate.

Note: Only you can see your detailed list of information and history of giving - receiving - paying with Points. This means you are not allowed to see this list of others on each post or anywhere else.

Where are Points displayed?

Received Points will be displayed on posts and experiences on Hahalolo

  • You will see the icon point.png Points right under the post and experience on a Profile and the post on a Community Site.
  • All users can see the icon point.png Points below your post. However, only when it is awarded Points will you see the icon point.png with the number of donations and details of the giver, types of points on your own post. This means others cannot see this detail on your every post, and you are not allowed to see it on each of their posts.

Information about your donated and received Points will be displayed in the Donation section on your profile

Hahalolo allows you to check your history of giving and receiving Points in the Donation section on your profile
View more details in Points history

Point transaction information and your current number of Points will be displayed in the Personal payment account management system

  • You can track your total Points available at the Point balance icon on the left side of the Personal payment account interface screen.
  • You can manage transactions of Point usage in the Points section of your Personal payment account's Transaction history.
    View more details in Points history


1. Select points

Go to a post, experience on a Profile, or post on the Community Site that you want to give points, click the icon mceclip0.pngPoints right below and select 1 of 5 point types with quantity you want to award and then tap Give Points.




2. Confirm Point giving

Enter your PIN in order to confirm your given points and ensure user security, then click Confirm.


Option 1: Check notifications

Open your notifications to see the content of receiving points from another personal account.




Option 2: Directly check each post

Click the icon mceclip0.pngPoints below your post which is awarded points to see who has given them to the post.

You can see details of how to give & receive points here

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