Give and Receive Points

What content can users give or receive points?
  • Only users with personal payment accounts can give or receive points.
  • Users are required to have an available point which is greater than or equal to their desired points level in their personal payment accounts to perform it on Hahalolo.
  • For personal accounts with quality posts, experiences and posts on Community Sites, they may receive points from other users who are interested in it. This aims to encourage, approach and spread good content to many readers, show other’s interest and evaluation to content through reward points feature on Hahalolo.
How do I give points on Hahalolo?


  1. Click the icon mceclip0.png Points right under the posts, experiences on a Profile or posts on a Community Sites that you want to give Points.
  2. Select 1 of 5 point types you want to award. The number of a specific Point can be customized by using the increase button mceclip1.png or decrease button mceclip2.png
  3. Enter your PIN in order to confirm your point giving and ensure user security.
  4. Click Confirm.

Note: Each user can give Points to each favorite post only once and cannot change the type and number of Points.

If your Points balance is insufficient for the point type you want to award, click Buy Points in the top right of the notification pop-up to buy more points.

How do I receive points on Hahalolo?
  • Users who receive Points on Hahalolo will be notified that they have received Points from another personal account.
  • Or click the icon mceclip0.png Points  under your post which is awarded Points to see who has given Points to the post.
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