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How do I find a hotel?

We use filters to help you with your search for a suitable room on the Hotel menu bar with the entered requirements:

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  1. Enter information about your needs to find a room specifically as follows:
    • Where you want to stay: Enter a place you want to go
    • Check-in date
    • Check-out date
    • Number of guests: number of adults, number of children and number of rooms
  2. Select "Search" to display a list of hotels that meet your desired requirements.

The fact you enter completely and accurately all required information helps us show the results that best match requirements for the hotel you seek.

With the list of hotel results, you can select the hotel you want to book in the following ways:

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Option 1:

Reorder the list of hotels by available filters, including:

  • Sort by ascending/descending price order
  • Filter by star rating
  • Filter by amenities

Then make a comparison among hotels and choose the one you want to book

Option 2:

We provide you with the use of maps as a visual search tool based on the location of hotels in the search area.

In the list of search results, click View on map to display the hotel location on the map.

From the hotel interface on the map of the search area, you can use additional support filters, including:

  • Search place: Find hotels in another area on the map
  • Search by property name: Find a specific hotel in the area you are searching for
  • Filter by star rating
  • Filter by amenities

The View on map tool helps you locate and display properties in your search area. A list of properties with room rates per night will be shown on the left side, corresponding to the exact location of hotels on the map on the right side. Once you hover the mouse over a certain hotel, the system will highlight its location on the map.

What information does each Hotel provide?

We provide detailed information sections on each Hotel page, including:


  • Include basic information fields: Name, Star rating (if any), address, photos, videos and general introduction about the hotel
  • See the exact location of the hotel in View on map.


Display a list of available room types according to your search results. You can see the following information fields on each Hotel room:

  • Room name
  • Room rate
  • Photos depicting the room
  • Room amenities
  • Bed type and number of beds
  • Capacity
  • Promotion (If any)

Here, you can also change your search/change your reservation by re-entering check-in and check-out dates and number of guests to Change search/ Change your reservation that matches for such a hotel only.


Favored amenities available at the hotel.


It includes the rules of check-in and check-out time, cancelation policy.

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