Hotel Page

How can I find a Hotel?
We use filters so that you can search for a suitable room on the Hotel menu bar with the declared requirements:
  • Enter information in the When will you arrive box specifically as follows:
    • Accommodation
    • Check-in date and check-out date
    • Number of available rooms
    • Promotion: Select Promotion if you want to find hotels with promotions
  • Select Search to display the Hotels that meet the requirements you want to find.
What information does the Hotel page provide?

We provide 5 different information sections in each Hotel page, including:

  • Timeline: Display the Page’s activity timetable including a list of all hotel rooms and promotions (if any).
  • Rooms: Display all types of hotel rooms including room rates per night. In addition, we also provide you with the function to search for the hotel room by entering the full information into the When will you arrive box.
  • Promotions: Display the Page’s promotion information (if any).
  • About: Display general information of the Hotel Page including hotel overview, business information, contact information and other information (if any).
  • Reviews: Display reviews on hotels used by customers with a rating scale which corresponds to 1 - 5 stars and includes accompanying criteria, such as cleanliness, freshness, location, comfort and staff ( if any).
  • Photos: Display hotel photos of the Page ( if any).
  • Videos: Display videos of the Page( if any).

You can see the following information fields on each room in the timeline, including:

  • Room type name.
  • Basic room rates for each night.
  • Photos depicting the room.

To view in details and completeness, click each room and you will see the following information fields in order from top to bottom:

  • Hotel address.
  • Photos.
  • Room description: Displays a brief description of the room you are viewing, such as room size, bed type.
  • Room facilities and room services.
  • The menu bar includes hotel details, privacy policies and contact.
  • Check-in and check-out date.
  • List of available rooms within the selected availability time.
How do I interact with a Hotel?
  • Click the icons to express emotions ( e.g  Screenshot_4.png ) .
  • Leave a comment below the hotel you want to interact with.
  • Share the hotel you want to interact with.
Làm cách nào để xem và đánh giá khách sạn?

Everyone can see reviews on the Page; however, only after completing the booking process can you add ratings of hotels and write reviews.

Click Reviews on the Hotel page you have booked:

  • 5 rating levels which correspond to the number of stars showing your satisfaction of services in order from low to high are Poor - Fair - Good - Very Good - Excellent
  • The criteria for evaluating your satisfaction level on service quality with a 1-10 point scale include:
    • Cleanliness
    • Freshness
    • Location
    • Comfort
    • Staff
  • Enter the review content (if any) and click Save to complete your evaluation process of hotel services
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