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How can I book a Tour on Hahalolo?
  1. Select the Tour and departure date you want to book.
  2. Click Book now.
You will be redirected to a detailed page with Tour booking steps, this is when you confirm your booking information and pay for your booking.

Trip information:

Here you can review the detailed information of your trip before moving on to the information declaration step.

  • Click Continue to step 2

Traveler details:

  • Declare information of the Tour leader, including:
    • Title
    • Full name
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Address
    • Additional requests
  • If you are one of the Tour participants, click "I'm a tourist".
  • Declare tourist list, including:
    • Number of adults, children, young children and infants.
    • Personal information of Tour participants, including:
      • Full name
      • Date of birth
      • Gender
      • Address
      • Age group
    • Click Accompanying Services that you want to purchase (if any).
  • Click Continue to step 3.

Confirm information:

Check all information that you have declared before making a payment for your Tour order.

  • Click Continue to step 4.

Click Continue to step 4:

  • Declare payment information, including:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Company name
    • Country
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Postal code
    • Phone number
    • Email
  • Click Save.
  • Select a payment method:
    • ATM card or ibanking service of domestic banks
    • International payment card (Visa/ Master)
  • Click “I agree to the Hahalolo’s Terms & Policies and Privacy Policy".
  • Click Pay.
You will be directed to the payment interface of Checkout Alepay.
  • Click “Pay now”.
  • Payment method types include:
    • Visa/ Master/ JCB
    • Pay by ATM card
    • Pay by Internet banking
    • Pay by QR code
  • Select “Pay by ATM card”.
  • Select a bank from the banks list provided.
  • Declare information on the card, including:
    • Cardholder name
    • Card number
    • Issue date
  • Declare personal information, including:
    • Email address
    • Phone number
  • Click Pay.
Confirm the information with the bank you selected.
  • Enter a sequence of numbers in the adjacent photo into a blank box. Then click Confirm.
  • The bank will send a confirmation code to your phone number. Please enter the corresponding code and click Pay.
  • The system will send you notifications alternately, including: Transaction successful, payment successful. Also, a notification of successful payment and transaction details will be sent to your email address.

View your booking:

Option 1:

  • Click the cart information.
  • Choose orders whose payments have been successfully completed.

Option 2:

  • Click Handnotes in your personal account.
  • Click Tour and view the status of your Tour orders.
How do I delete my selected tour order?


  1. Click Screenshot_6.png Your cart in the top right. Then click "Book Tour" and click "Select".
  2. Click "Remove tour booking" under the tour you would like to delete.
  3. Click “Confirm” to delete the order.
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