Tour booking guidelines

You can completely book a tour without having a Hahalolo account. Go to or Hahalolo app to book a tour.

We use filters so that you can search for a suitable schedule on the Tour menu bar with the declared requirements:

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  1. Enter one or more of the following:
    • Enter a keyword for the place you want to travel in the Where do you want to go? box
    • Enter the departure time in the Departure date box: click Screenshot_7.jpg to make it more convenient for you to choose the time.

    Click Advanced Search to perform the search by the following information

    • Departure: Enter the departure point from which you want to start your trip.
    • Destination: Enter your destination point.
    • Tour Topic: Enter a tour general topic.
    • Tour Type: Select a tour type, Domestic tour or International tour.
    • Number of days: Enter the number of days for your planned trip.
    • Price range: Drag the slider to choose a price range that fits the budget you intend to spend on your trip.
    • Tick the Promotion checkbox if you want to find tours with promotions.
    • Tick the Installment Tour checkbox to find tours with installments.
  2. Click Search to display Tours that meet requirements you provided.
  3. Click Reset if you want to delete requirements previously provided.

If you enter completely and accurately the requested information, it will display the results that best match the tour requirements you search.

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After searching for Tours that meet your needs, select your desired Tour and departure date

  1. Click the Quick View button below the Tour you want to book
  2. Review information displayed on the quick information board and menu bar, including Combo Tour (for combo tours only), Tour details, Private regulations, Promotions, Privacy policy, Installment policy (displayed for installment tours), and Contact.
  3. Select a departure date and click Book now.

You will be redirected to the detailed interface with Tour booking steps, where you declare your information and pay for your booking

To review tour details, click View Tour Details in the top right of the screen.

Details about Tour booking information declaration:

Contact’s information:

Declare information about the tour leader or person responsible for keeping in touch with the Tour Supplier, including:

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  • Last name
  • Middle & First/Given name
  • Gender
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address
Number of travelers
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Select the number of travelers:

  1. Tick the Ask for support in entering traveler information later checkbox to skip the step of entering traveler details. After completing your payment, you can declare traveler details for the tour order in Handnotes.
  2. Tick the Enter traveler information checkbox and declare all traveler’s details, including:
    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
Accompanied services (If any)

Select accompanied services with corresponding quantities.

Ways of payment
  • Prepayment (100% payment): It’s the basic way of payment applicable to all tours by default on Hahalolo. For such a method, you must pay 100% of the total order value.

In addition, it is accepted to be paid in installment payment by Hahalolo, provided that the Supplier sets it up.

  • Installment: It’s the method that allows you to pay in interest-free installments for the total order value. Only tours with installment payment set are eligible to apply for this option.

For installment tours, however, you can still choose the prepayment method to get a percentage discount of the payment value corresponding to a certain period of time before the tour departure date.

If you choose the installment payment method, you are required to declare the following information:

  • Installment tenor: You are allowed to choose the installment tenor, including 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months without interest. The installment tenor is established in the following month from your prepayment.
  • Prepaid rate: Percentage of value and amount that you need to pay in advance for the tour. You must pay at least 1% of the total order value for the first time.


  • Your installment information shall appear in the adjacent table. This includes Total order value, Prepaid rate, Prepaid amount, Remaining balance, Information conversion fee, Bank fee, Installment interest rate (%), Installment interest, Total installment payment, Installment tenor (Months), Monthly installment amount, Next monthly installment tenor.
  • Customers are allowed to book tours and pay 100% of the total order value prior to 93 days of the departure date (greater than or equal to 93 days).
  • If you complete your full payment of the total order value within a certain period of time prior to tour departure date, you shall get a percentage discount on your booked order and this shall be directly deducted in the last installment.
  • If you have not yet completed your full payment of the total order value, you are allowed to make a tour cancelation request as notifying Hahalolo prior to the monthly payment due date or before the tour is automatically canceled. Hahalolo shall consider refunding the paid amount back to the bank account of the person who booked the Tour after having withheld the percentage of penalty fee in accordance with Hahalolo's regulations.
Payer information
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If the payer and contact person are the same, click "Use contact’s information". The system shall automatically extract information of the contact person declared before

Declaring information on the order payer, including:

  • Last name
  • Middle & First/Given name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Country
  • Province/City (State)
Using Vouchers/Coins/Points to make payment for an order

To use Vouchers for payments

  1. In the Coupon code section, click Enter code
  2. Enter your coupon code and click Search
  3. Click Confirm to apply voucher.

How to exchange Coins for payment

In the Use Coins section, turn on the toggle switch Screenshot_1o.png to apply a direct discount to the order, which is converted from the number of available Coins.


There are certain limits to the maximum Coins that can be applied to each order.

How to exchange Points for payment

  1. In the Use Points section, turn on the toggle switch Screenshot_1o.png
  2. Enter Number of Points you want to apply.

    1 Point has a corresponding conversion value of $0.1. This conversion value is displayed in the currency selected by the user, in terms of using the standard currency to convert at the bank's current price in USD.

  3. Click Apply to apply the direct discount redeemed from the number of Points you selected to the order.
  4. If you need to change the selected number of Points, click Change and re-enter a new one, then click Apply.


  • The number of Points applied must not exceed the number of Points available to the order.
  • There are certain limits to the maximum Points that can be applied to each order.
Payment Methods
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  1. Select a Payment Method:
    • ATM cards or iBanking services of domestic banks through AlePay payment gateway
    • International payment card (Visa/Master)

      Fill out information on the payment card into the corresponding fields, including Card number, Cardholder name, Expiration date and CVC code.

  2. Click Pay now

    You will be redirected to the payment interface of the selected payment gateway.

  3. Fully update information to complete the payment process.

Please contact us if you require any further information.


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