Sales management

The feature allows you to manage guest orders and reservation process in a general and efficient way.


Click Orders in the Page Settings menu.

The feature allows displaying the order information including:

  • Order code: Each order has a unique code to check the order.
  • Guest contact information includes Full name, email, phone number and address..
  • Information about the number of guests and accompanying requirements.
  • Payment method: Prepaid / Postpaid.
  • Order total.
  • Cancelation fee (from supplier).
  • Booking date.
  • Check-in / check-out date.
  • Order status: Waiting for confirmation, waiting for payment, waiting for service, service complete, processing cancelation, cancelation complete. You are allowed to process order requests, such as Order Confirmation and Order Cancelation.

Orders are divided into the following display groups:

  • All: Display all orders that the guest has booked.
  • Pending: The order has completed the payment,and is waiting to be active.
  • Progressing: The order is in progress.
  • Completed: The order has completed or terminated the time of service.
  • Processing cancelation: It’s because the SUPPLIER - GUEST cancels the order.
  • Canceled: The order was successfully canceled.

You can quickly search for orders by filters:

  • All: Search by paid and unpaid orders.
  • Order code: Search by the code of each order.
  • Buyer: Search all guest orders.
  • Booking date: Search by each booking date of the guest.
  • Price range: Search by a specific price range.
After the guest has successfully paid for the order, the order in the pending status will be transferred to the Reservation settings menu.
  • Click Reservation in the Page Settings menu.
  • You can use the filter to show up the schedule for the desired time period by selecting the display by day/week/month, start time, finish time and language.
  • The schedule is displayed in a 2-dimensional matrix with a horizontal axis corresponding to the time (in days or according to the display mode you choose) and a vertical axis that is the Room Types your hotel has.
  • You can view the Reservation details of your order in two ways:
      • Option 1: Click directly the date box having the order you want to see information.
      • Option 2: Click Check reservations and enter the reservation code or registration code into the check box.
  • Reservation status includes:
      • Not set up for sale yet (white): Display the dates that no order is pending.
      • Confirmed (pink): Display the dates that orders have been confirmed and are pending.
      • Check-in (green): Display the dates that orders are in process, which means guests have checked in and are staying at the hotel. To switch the order status from Not set up for sale yet to Check-in, you need to click the order to open Reservation details and click Check-in.
      • Check-out (blue): Display the dates that orders have been completed, which means guests have checked out and finished the orders. To switch the order status from Check-in to Check-out, you need to click the order to open Reservation details and click Check-out.
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