Sales management

The feature allows you to manage guest orders and reservation processes in a general and efficient way.

How to manage orders
  1. At the Hotel Page Management interface, select Sales Management and click Order Management.
  2. Click Select page in the left column, then click Page to view and manage all the information of the order.

    Search filters:
    • Order code: Search by a specific code of each order
    • Contact name: search by keyword in contact name
    • Check-in date (from date): search orders by check-in date.
    • Check-out date (to date): search orders by check-out date.
    • Order status: filter by order status:

      - Awaiting confirmation: Orders have been completely paid and are waiting for service confirmation.
      - Awaiting fulfillment: Orders are waiting to be processed.
      - Ongoing: Orders are in progress.
      - Completed: Orders have been completed or have service time to be terminated.
      - Canceled: Orders were successfully canceled.

    • Booking number: Search by booking number.
  3. After entering the above filter conditions, click Search.
  4. Select Unfilter if you want to delete previously selected requests and reset the list of orders.
Order information
  • Order code: Each order will have a distinct code generated by the system to look up the order.
  • Booking number: Each room in the booking order will have a unique booking number generated by the system to help you look up the order.
  • Order information: Includes the following information:
    - Ordered by
    - Order time
    - Room type
  • Length of stay: Check-in/check-out date
  • Total amount
  • Order status: Awaiting confirmation, Awaiting fulfillment, Ongoing, Completed, Canceled.
  • Action: allows you to process order requests, including:
    - Click Confirm to Confirm the order
    - Click Deny to Deny service
    - Click Check in to begin the service process
    - Click Check out to end the service process
    - Click Cancel to cancel the reservation in case the order has been confirmed but cannot be served.
View order details

You can also view order details by clicking View details for each order in the Action section. Order details include:

  • Order code
  • Booking number
  • Booking details: display guest information, guest requests and booking information.
  • Payment details: display information about form, time, payment method and payment amount of customers.
  • Contact details: display contact information.
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