Point history

You can recheck your points history in the following ways:

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View in the Donation section on your profile

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click as.png and select Donation
  3. Select Points to see the history corresponding to Donation and Reward with the support of filters:
    • From - To: Filter the time period when you want to view your history of Donation/Reward.
    • Post type: Filter post types that you want to view your Donation/Reward history, including normal post, media post, embedded post, experience and posts on the community site, such as media, embedded and normal posts.
    • Donation: Filter the level of points you want to view your history of Donation/Reward.
  4. After filtering, the result will be output with field details, such as Link to the post, posting time, post type and donation level.

View in Transaction History of Personal Payment Account

  1. Go to your Personal Payment Account
  2. Click Transaction history
  3. Select Points to see the history of point transactions with the support of filters
    • Status: Filter by status of donating, receiving and paying Points, including Successful, Failed, Denied, and Frozen
    • Action: Filter by performed actions, including Receive, Donate, and Pay
    • Time: Filter by the time period you want to see the history of donating, receiving, and paying Points.


Only you can check your history of giving and receiving Points.
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