Cancel a friend request or unfriend someone

How do I cancel a friend request?
  • Similar to your friend request confirmation, you can see a list of friend requests in Notifications from the menu bar at the top of your page or in a few places that you might get notifications.
  • By clicking Delete, you decline the friend request of that person.
  • The person you declined the friend request will not be notified of this action.
How do I cancel a sent friend request?
  1. Go to your friend requests in the friend list, click Friend requests or you might also access that person's profile to cancel your sent friend requests.
  2. Click Friend Request Sent and select Cancel Request.
How do I unfriend someone on Hahalolo?
  1. Go to your friends list or search for that person's profile by typing their name into the search bar at the top of any Hahalolo page.
  2. Click Friends then click Unfriend.

The person you unfriended will not be notified.


If you unfriend someone, you will also be removed from that person's friends list. If you want to make friends with this person again, you need to send a friend request to add them as a friend again.
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