Payout Account

A list of bank accounts linked to Hahalolo payment accounts allows users to withdraw money from payment accounts into one of these accounts.

What information does the payout account have?

Each account is represented on a horizontal line, including the following information:

  • Country: The country associated with the withdrawal account
  • Account name: The name of payout account associated with the payment account
  • Email: Contact email of account holder
  • Group: Type of Personal or Business
  • Payment: Payment method of the account currently supports Bank transfer only
  • Default: Set a default account when you access Make Withdrawal Request. The account with a star icon is the currently selected default account
  • Delete: Delete the account you created
  • View details: Direct to the account details interface
How do I create a payout account?

Display an account creation popup, including 4 parts: Account information, Account holder, Tax form, Payment information.


It contains key information about the account, including:

  • Country - Address/ Address 2 - City/ Town - State/ Province/ Region - Postal Code: Information about the geographical location of the account.
  • Account type: The payout account type matches the payment account type (Personal/ Business).
  • Tax code: Personal/ business.
  • Tax type: Determine the tax type (depending on each country).
  • EIN: Employer identification number
  • SSN: Social security number
  • ATIN: Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number
  • PTIN: Preparer Tax Identification Number
  • Email/ Phone number: Contact information of the account holder.


The information tab is about account holder, including:

  • First Name
  • Last name
  • Middle name
  • Date of birth: (At least 18 years old)


The information tab is about tax declaration forms. Depending on the laws / policies of each Country, there is a corresponding form.


The information tab is about payment method including:

  • Account type
  • Payment country
  • Account holder name
  • Bank name: Please use the international name of the bank
  • Bank SWIFT code
  • Bank account number
How do I manage my payout account?
  • Display the withdrawal accounts list of a business account.
  • Allow selecting the default account quickly in the list.
  • Allow viewing details and deleting accounts from Wallet.
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