Top up/Withdraw Money

Top up your payment account
Only personal payment accounts can perform this function. Top up by filling out the information fields correctly, including:
  • Enter the amount you wish to top up. The minimum amount for each deposit is VND 10,000.
  • Currency unit.
  • Choose a Top-up Method. Only top-up via Debit Card is currently supported.
  • Enter card information: Card number, Expiry date, CCV code, Cardholder name.
  • Click "I agree to our Hahalolo Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy", then click "Top up" to complete the transaction..
  • A notification of successful transaction appears.
  • Click "Transaction history" to check details. The money will go directly to the available balance so that users can purchase and trade on Hahalolo.
Withdraw money from payment account
  • When the available balance reaches the permitted level, users can transfer the balance from the payment account on Hahalolo to the declared bank account.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is VND 1,000,000 for business and VND 100,000 for individual or equivalent amounts of other currencies.

Make a withdrawal by filling out all information fields correctly, including:

  • Payout account: Choose a receiving account from the list of payout accounts that the user has created.
  • Amount: The amount the user wants to make a withdrawal order. There is a list of currencies next to it.
  • Enter the content of withdrawal.
  • After filling out all information, click Send to make a withdrawal request to Hahalolo to wait for processing. The money will be transferred to the payout account after 3-5 working days.
  • If users click this interface while there is no receiving account, they will be directed to Create a payout account.
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