How do I withdraw money from a payout account?

You can easily send a withdrawal request to one of the payout accounts previously set up.

Withdrawal limits are as follows:

  • For payment accounts in VND
          • Minimum withdrawal limit: VND 100,000/time
          • Maximum withdrawal limit: VND 10,000,000/time
          • Maximum withdrawal limit: VND 50,000,000/day
  • For payment accounts in USD
          • Minimum withdrawal limit: $5/time
          • Maximum withdrawal limit: $500/time
          • Maximum withdrawal limit: $2500/day


  1. Click Withdraw in the left column of the screen.
    Note: If you don’t have a Payout account, you will be required to create a payment account before using the withdrawal feature. Click Create Payout Account to create a new payout account.
  2. At the Request Withdrawal screen, select a Payout account you want to withdraw money, and enter an Amount and Description.
  3. Click Withdraw.

    Note: You should pay attention to Withdrawal limits before making a withdrawal.

  4. Enter a PIN to confirm, then click Confirm to complete the withdrawal.

    See how to Set up a PIN if you haven't set up a PIN or forgot your PIN.

    Note: Transactions can only be made when your Available Balance is greater than or equal to the amount to be withdrawn and within allowable withdrawal limits

  5. Click Confirm to finish. The system will send you a successful withdrawal notification. Check the withdrawal history in the Money Out section of Transaction History.
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