Tour Management

Tour is the main product of Page for Tour operators. It provides your customers with an understanding of how their tour will be, where to go, what to note and prepare, etc. Therefore, please be specific about the information you provide and make sure that everything you post is true and within your ability to provide services.


  1. Go to Tours in the Page Settings menu.
  2. Click Create tour.
  3. Enter a tour name. Keep in mind that the tour name you provide will come with your default language at the present. You can completely enter another name of the tour in other languages later.
  4. Determine whether it is a domestic or international Tour.
  5. Select the corresponding Tour Topic.
  6. Click Save to confirm.

After completing initial steps, you will be directed to the Tour details page, where you really design a great Tour for your customers.

Please note that some Tour information will be placed at the top and appear in all content areas of Tour. This information will have an effect on all of those areas, which means you'll set up only once for all other contents. This information includes:

  • Language: Hahalolo (in the future) will support various languages, you can translate the content of the corresponding Tours into multiple languages depending on the purpose of expanding your own business market. Note: Make sure that you provide enough information for one language before moving on setting up the content for another language.
  • Currency: Set the base currency of the Tour, and apply to all currency attributes included in the Tour. When customers view your Tour information, Hahalolo will automatically convert to the currency they want.
  • Status: Indicate the current status of Tour. You can change the Tour status between Published and Unpublished. Note: Changing status only has an effect on new customers, for orders purchased, you still have to complete the service obligations.
  • Latest update: Show the last updated time of a Tour.


Tour information
The information includes basic tour content descriptions, photos, videos and some following basic attributes.
  • Tour name: Display according to the information originally entered when you create the Tour. You can edit your tour name or update a new name here.
  • SKU code: Your own product code number.
  • Total days: The total number of days your Tour will take place.
  • Basic price: Set a Tour basic price, this parameter is only displayed for the Tour in case the system cannot calculate the Tour price from your other settings.
  • Closing days for tour booking: Limit the closing days for booking a Tour from the departure date onward.
  • International tour: Determine whether it's an International Tour or not.
  • Allow merging parts: (in the future) Determine if a Tour allows booking by parts, which means customers are allowed to buy for each part - partial tour. For example, customers wish to go 2nd, 3rd, 4th day only while it is a 5-day tour...
  • Address: Include number, street name, county/ district, city, country (The specific address will be automatically extracted to the 4 boxes below) of the departure point.
  • Short description: Brief highlights describing the Tour. It is displayed first to users on Hahalolo, and limited to 400 characters.
  • Private regulations: Regulations and detailed information of each tour.
  • Policy: Policies and terms of service of each tour.
  • Installment plan: Regulations of tours that allow installment payment. Only when the installment plan is set up for the tour, do customers see this content.
  • Upload Tour logo, cover photo, gallery:The photo settings for Tour. You should use high resolution images for better display and upload a minimum of 5 photos for the gallery to ensure that your Tour is displayed on Hahalolo perfectly.

After the setup, click Save to finish.

Unlike Tour Details in the information section, parts list provides customers with more information about each day included in the Tour. Each part corresponds to an actual day. So, you should set up a sufficient number of Parts corresponding to the Total days you have set in the Tour Information section.

Click Create part or Edit in the Part created to move to the Part details, including:

  • Part name: The name of the part which is being set.
  • Day: Ordinal days of each Part during the entire tour.
  • Departure time: The starting time of the Part.
  • Address: The system defaults to the address of the first part by the address entered in the Tour Information section.
  • Content of the part: The specific program description of the Part which includes detailed information about what to eat, where to play, places to visit, etc
  • Transportation: Means of transportation between the destinations in the Part.
  • Part logo: Set an avatar for the Part.

After the setup, click Save to finish.

Price settings
In order for a Tour to become available for booking, price settings are a must.

We provide you with the mechanism to set prices for a Tour over a period of time, described as follows:

  • Prices are set according to the mechanism of start date applied.
  • This means, all subsequent opening dates for sale will be applied to the corresponding prices from the time you set it up unless it reaches a certain level in a different period of time.
  • For a similar example in the schedule settings, you have a Tour set up for sale on May 10th and 20th, 2018:
  • If you set a price of VND 1,000,000 starting on May 2nd, 2018.
  • At this time, 10th and 20th (and the sale opening dates later if any) that you've set up for sale will automatically be applied to VND 1,000,000.
  • If you set a new price of VND 500,000 on one of the dates May 11th - 19th, 2018, then the sale opening date on May 20th you have set will not be applied to VND 1,000,000 but a new price of VND 500,000 instead.


  • You are allowed to change the price that you have set, however, this price will be applied to new Tour orders. For Tours booked before the time you change, their price still remains unchanged.
  • The price setting feature is designed to simplify the way of planning your Tour Price, which means the basic Tour Prices. If you want to organize events to attract customers (for example, a discount on Tour prices during a certain Festival period), you should use the Promotions feature to set up as an additional section providing more information about the event you plan to organize.


  1. Start Date: Identify the start date to apply the Price. Keep in mind that the start time is at 00:00 based on your timezone which is set up in account settings.
  2. Prices: Adult price is required. Child, young child and baby price are set up based on the following rules:
    • Select and enter a price: The price is applicable to this age.
    • Select and not enter a price: The Tour is free for this age.
    • Not select: Tour is not available to this age.

After the setup, click Save to finish.

Set up the time when your Tour is available (for sale). Select exactly on the calendars we show you to determine the dates on which the Tour takes place.


  1. Selecting a date on the calendar is to identify the available departure date for the Tour, you must not select dates for the entire tour program, for example:
    • For a 5-day tour, in May 2020, you will organize (or open for sale) 2 programs for this Tour on 10th and 20th.
    • TRUE: click May 10th and 20th on the calendar.
    • FALSE: click May 10th - 14th and 20th - 24th on the calendar.
  2. You can also set the schedule for daily tours quickly by selecting Start Date - End Date and clicking "Setting".

    => A successful set-up date will display in green on the calendar.

  3. In addition, you can set up Stop selling or Remove (opt out) for a date on the calendar by clicking the successful set-up date. Customers cannot see any information about the schedule which has been in the Stop selling or Remove status on their timeline and they cannot book the Tour on this date:
    • Stop selling: A certain date of the tour will not be open for sale depending on your purpose; for example, it’s beyond your ability to serve. If there is any booked order, it will be served as usual.

      => A date successfully set up Stop selling status will display in gray on the calendar.

    • Remove: A certain schedule set on the calendar will be removed because the previous settings are wrong and you do not wish to set it for that date anymore. Any schedule is allowed to be removed only when there is no order booked on that date.
  4. The maximum length of time to set a schedule is 2 years.

NOTE: When the Stop selling or Remove status is activated

  • Users will no longer find the Tour schedule on that date.
  • You can also reset the schedule after setting up such status.
  • Tour services are additional information that helps your customers know what accompanied services your Tours have.
  • You need to understand that you must ensure your information is true and within your capability of providing services although we currently only provide the feature as additional information. You can also add paid service packages in the "service price" section. In case you intentionally provide false information, we will consider restrictive measures for your Page, Business Account or even Personal Account.
  1. Select the services provided in a tour.
  2. Click Update to finish.
  • Allow publishing a tour.
  • Conditions for publishing a tour: The page must be published and completed with the Tour information (Part, Schedule, Price and Gallery).
Service price (VAT inclusive)

You can provide extra paid service packages to customers during the tour booking process.

  1. Click Add service price
  2. Click the service that needs setting up
  3. Enter the price of the service package
  4. Click Save to finish
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