This feature allows you to set up promotional campaigns for your Customers. You can set up a Promotion that will be automatically applied under the acquired conditions, or only applicable to customers who own a corresponding Promotion code. For the time being, you can only have one code corresponding to a Promotion.

Note: The system will accumulate all promotions (if available), so you need to be aware of the application period for the promotions once setting it up to avoid overlapping time unexpectedly.

Steps for setting a Promotion:

  1. Go to Promotions in the Page Settings menu.
  2. Click Add new promotion to start setup.
  3. Enter Promotion details:
    • Identify the Status of the promotion, publish to start running the program.
    • Enter Promotion name and description.
    • Set Promotion Logo.
    • Language: select a language that you intend to set up contents.
    • Set Original Currency.
    • Set the applicable time period including Start and Finish time.
    • Promotion types:
      • Discount based on order total: a direct discount on the total order value that customers have booked the Tour.
      • Discount per capita (adult): a direct discount on the number of people booking the Tour.
    • Promotion Types:
      • Fixed amount discount: fixed cash value that is directly subtracted from the total value of after-tax order.
      • Percentage discount: The promotion value will be calculated on a predetermined ratio (percent) based on the Sale price (after tax).
    • Set Promotion levels:
      • We offer you the ability to build exclusive conditional promotion levels which are based on the total value of after-tax order for Tours.
      • Each level includes conditional value (order value) and promotion value (percentage or fixed amount). Eligible orders will be applied to the highest promotion level. For the initial display, the system will prioritize the highest level to help you attract more customers.
    • Tour list: Statistic of the tours that can be selected to apply to the promotion.
    • Selected Tour list: Statistic of the selected tours that are applied to the promotion.

As mentioned:

  • Promotions will be accumulated if there are multiple promotions available at a particular time.
  • Each promotion can decentralize the promotion levels, customers will get benefits from the highest promotion level if conditions are met.
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