Sales management

The feature allows you to manage customer orders and Tour booking process in a general and efficient way.


Click Orders in the Page Settings menu.

The feature allows displaying the order information including:

  • Order code: Each order has a unique code to check the order.
  • Customer contact information includes Full name, email, phone number and address.
  • Order total.
  • Cancelation fee (from supplier).
  • Booking date.
  • Order status: Waiting for confirmation, waiting for payment, waiting for service, service complete, processing cancelation, cancelation complete. You are allowed to process order requests, such as Order Confirmation and Order Cancelation.

Orders are divided into the following display groups:

  • All: Display all orders that the customer has booked.
  • Pending: The order has completed the payment,and is waiting to be active.
  • Progressing: The order is in progress.
  • Completed: The order has completed or terminated the time of service.
  • Processing cancelation: It’s because the SUPPLIER - CUSTOMER cancels the order.
  • Canceled: The order was successfully canceled.

You can quickly search for orders by filters:

  • All: Search by paid and unpaid orders.
  • Order code: Search by the code of each order.
  • Buyer: Search for all customer orders.
  • Booking date: Search by each booking date of the customer.
  • Price range: Search by a specific price range.
  • Filter by Tour: Search for orders booked on the same Tour.
  • Departure date: Search for orders on the same departure date
Tour program
After orders have been confirmed to serve, they will be transferred simultaneously to the "Orders outside the program" section. Here, you can collect, organize orders with the same schedule to create programs for them.

Create the program by:

  1. Click “ Create program” in each order.

    Combine orders whose characteristics in common can be merged into a program to organize that program ( you can organize many programs if there are too many orders).

  2. Language: Select a language that you intend to set up contents.
  3. Program name: A name is reminiscent of the program.
  4. Program description: Enter the overall and outstanding information of the program.
  5. Tour guide description: Enter the information of Tour guide who is in charge of the Tour.
  6. Transportation description: Enter the information of means of transportation in the program.
  7. Order list: Displays all orders combined in a program.
  8. Customer list: Displays all customers combined in a program.

Programs are divided into groups that display the following information:

  • All programs: Display the programs created.
  • Waiting: Display programs that are waiting for service.
  • Running: Display programs that are currently serving.
  • Finished: Display programs that have finished serving.
  • Orders outside the program: Display orders that have been confirmed to serve, but have not been created a program yet.
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