Tour Topic

Tour Topic allows you to categorize your Tours, and so your customers can find more easily, the classification depends entirely on you; for example, seasonal classification: Summer sea tour, Snow island tour, …

Create a new topic
In the Settings menu, click Topics:
  1. Click Create new topic.
  2. Set a profile picture for the Topic by selecting a new photo in your Gallery or uploading it from your device.
  3. Select your default language you'd like to target.
  4. Enter your topic name and description.
  5. Click Confirm to finish.
How to delete a Topic
Deleting a topic will result in all Tours of that topic being deleted as well. If you are sure that:
    • You are deleting an empty topic.
    • You have finished moving all Tours in it to another topic.
    • You really want to delete all Tours in the topic.
Steps to delete a topic:
  1. Go to Topics in Page Settings.
  2. Click Delete in the topic you'd like to delete.
  3. Click Confirm to finish the deletion.
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