Tour guide

Manage the list of Tour Guides who are working for you.

To be able to set up a Tour guide list, you should note:

  • A tour guide must be a user on Hahalolo, which means having Hahalolo account is a must.
  • Use an email from a Hahalolo account to set up.
  • A user who receives an invitation must confirm to officially become a Tour guide of the Page(Business Account).
  • Once the user has joined a Business Account, you can assign that Tour guide to specific Tour Programs.

Steps for setting Tour guide:

  1. Go to Tour guide in the Page Settings menu.
  2. Click Send invitation.
  3. Enter the email address (of the account) you want to invite.
  4. Click Send to finish.
  5. The invitation recipient needs to Confirm to become an official Tour guide of the Page.
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