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How do I find a Tour?

We use filters so that you can search for a suitable schedule on the Tour menu bar with the declared requirements:

  1. Enter information in the Where do you want to go box specifically as follows:
    • Enter your search keywords for the trip and departure date in the box of Let's travel...
    • Departure: Enter the information about the departure point you want to start on your trip.
    • Destination: Enter your destination information.
    • Tour Topic: Enter a tour general topic that you want to search for.
    • Tour Type: Select the type of tour you want to search for, including Domestic tour or International tour.
    • Number of days: Enter the number of days you intend to go.
    • Price range: Select the price range you intend to spend on your trip, including:

      + Under VND 10.000.000
      + VND 10.000.000 - VND 20.000.000
      + VND 20.000.000 - VND 30.000.000
      + Over VND 40.000.000

    • Promotion: Select Promotion if you want to find tours with promotions.
  2. Select Search to display Tours that meet the requirements you want to find.
  3. Select Reset if you want to delete your previously selected requirements.

If you enter completely and accurately the requested information, it will display the results that best match the tour requirements you search.

What information does the Tour page provide?

We provide different information sections in each Tour page, including:

  • Timeline: Display the Page's activity timetable including tour list and promotions (if any).
  • Tours: Display the Page's activity timetable including the active tour list.
  • Promotions: Show ongoing promotions.
  • About: Display general information of the Tour Page including company overview, address, contact, working hours, and other information (if any).
  • Reviews: Display customer reviews on tours that they've already participated in with a rating scale which corresponds to 1-5 star and accompanying criteria including itineraries, facilities, food, tour guides and accommodation (if any).
  • Photos: Display photos and photo albums that the Page has uploaded to the Gallery.
  • Videos: Display videos and video albums that the Page has uploaded to the Gallery.

You can see the following information fields on each Tour‘s timeline, including:

  • Tour name.
  • Short description: Display a brief summary of the tour highlights to help you have an overview of that tour.
  • Departure: Display pick-up location and tour departure.
  • Tour price: Display tour basic price.
  • Departure date: Display tour departure date.

For a detailed and complete view, click each tour and you will see the following information fields in order from top to bottom:

  • Tour name.
  • Start date and End date.
  • Photo album.
  • Departure - Destination.
  • Tour price and Book Now button.
  • Tour ID.
  • Country.
  • Total days.
  • Departure date & Departure.
  • Program Details.
  • Tour Services.
  • The menu bar includes Tour details, Separate regulations, Promotions, Privacy policy, Installment policy (only visible for installment tours), Contact and Schedule.
How do I interact with a tour?
  • Click an icon to express your emotion ( example: Screenshot_4.png ).
  • Leave a comment below the Tour you want to interact with.
  • Share the Tour you'd like to interact with.
How do I see and review a tour?
  • Evaluate and save your reviews for Tours you have participated on Hahalolo.
  • Everyone can see reviews on the Page; however, only after completing the tour booking process can you add ratings of tours and write reviews.

Click Reviews on the Tour page you have booked:

  • 5 rating levels which correspond to the number of stars showing your satisfaction of services in order from low to high are Poor - Fair - Good - Very Good - Excellent.
  • The criteria for evaluating your satisfaction level on service quality with a 1-10 point scale include:
    • Itinerary
    • Transportation
    • Food
    • Tour guide
    • Accommodation
  • Enter the content of the review (if any) and click Save to complete your evaluation process of tour services.
How do I interact with a Tour Page?
Computer Mobile apps
  • You should click Haha Page if you want to show your support for a Tour Page. Also, you may see updates from it in your News Feed when you click Haha Page.
  • Click Haha Page below the Tour Page’s cover photo.
How do I view Tour Pages I interacted with?

This feature is currently only available for the desktop version of Hahalolo.

  • Go to your profile.
  • Click Haha on the menu bar.
  • Select “Tour” to view Tour Pages you have interacted with.
How do I invite friends to interact with a Tour page on Hahalolo?


Computer iOS app Android app
  1. Go to the Tour Page.
  2. Under the Invite friends to Haha this page section, click Invite friends.
  3. Enter a friend's name in the search box or click Select all in the right of the search box.
  4. Click Send Invitation.


  • Not invited: Friends you've not sent invitations yet.
  • Selected: List of friends you've selected to send invitations.
  • Invited: List of friends you've sent invitations.
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