Tour page overview

What information does the Tour page provide?

We provide different information sections in each Tour page, including:

  • Timeline: Display the Page's activity timetable including tour list and promotions (if any).
  • Tours: Display the Page's activity timetable including the active tour list.
  • Promotions: Show ongoing promotions.
  • About: Display general information of the Tour Page including company overview, address, contact, working hours, and other information (if any).
  • Reviews: Display customer reviews on tours that they've already participated in with a rating scale which corresponds to 1-5 star and accompanying criteria including itineraries, facilities, food, tour guides and accommodation (if any).
  • Photos: Display photos and photo albums that the Page has uploaded to the Gallery.
  • Videos: Display videos and video albums that the Page has uploaded to the Gallery.

You can see the following information fields on each Tour‘s timeline, including:

  • Tour name.
  • Short description: Display a brief summary of the tour highlights to help you have an overview of that tour.
  • Departure: Display pick-up location and tour departure.
  • Tour price: Display tour base price or a base price after discount for tours with promotions applied..
  • Departure date: Display tour departure date.

For a detailed and complete view, click each tour and you will see the following fields in order from top to bottom:

  • Photo album
  • Tour type
  • Tour name
  • Promotion currently applied (if any)
  • Departure - Destination
  • Start date and End date
  • Tour ID
  • Total days
  • The menu bar includes Tour details, Private regulations, Promotions, Privacy policy, Installment policy (displayed for installment tours), and Contact.
  • The upcoming departure schedule corresponds to the month you selected in Select departure month
  • Tour price and Book Now button

The right table of the screen includes information about the Tour page:

  • Page name
  • Number of people who Haha the page
  • Brief introduction about the page: Page type, Address, Phone number, Email
  • Change search button: click Change search if you want to delete the previously selected data and return to the homepage to search for tours.
How do I interact with a tour?
  • Click icon like.png Haha to express your emotion.
  • Leave a comment below the Tour you want to interact with.
  • Share the Tour you'd like to interact with.
How do I see and review a tour?
  • Evaluate and save your reviews for Tours you have participated on Hahalolo.
  • Everyone can see reviews on the Page; however, only after completing the tour booking process can you add ratings of tours and write reviews.

Click Reviews on the Tour page you have booked:

  • 5 rating levels which correspond to the number of stars showing your satisfaction of services in order from low to high are Poor - Fair - Good - Very Good - Excellent.
  • The criteria for evaluating your satisfaction level on service quality with a 1-10 point scale include:
    • Itinerary
    • Transportation
    • Food
    • Tour guide
    • Accommodation
  • Enter the content of the review (if any) and click Save to complete your evaluation process of tour services.
How do I interact with a Tour Page?
Computer Mobile apps
  • You should click Haha Page if you want to show your support for a Tour Page. Also, you may see updates from it in your News Feed when you click Haha Page.
  • Click Haha Page below the Tour Page’s cover photo.
How do I view Tour Pages I interacted with?

This feature is currently only available for the desktop version of Hahalolo.

  • Go to your profile.
  • Click Haha on the menu bar.
  • Select “Tour” to view Tour Pages you have interacted with.
How do I invite friends to interact with a Tour page on Hahalolo?


Computer iOS app Android app
  1. Go to the Tour Page.
  2. Under the Invite friends to Haha this page section, click Invite friends.
  3. Enter a friend's name in the search box or click Select all in the right of the search box.
  4. Click Send Invitation.


  • Not invited: Friends you've not sent invitations yet.
  • Selected: List of friends you've selected to send invitations.
  • Invited: List of friends you've sent invitations.
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