What is the maximum number of passengers & sectors for each booking?
  • The maximum number of passengers is 9.
  • The maximum number of sectors is 3.
What should I do if the airfare is changed?
The site will pop up a reminder to show that the fare has been changed.
  • If you select "Confirm", the site will update a new fare for your order and continue to the "Enter contact and passenger information" step.
  • If you select "Cancel", you will be redirected back to the flight search interface.
Can I get a discount if I book a round trip ticket or multiple tickets at a time?
  • It is not applicable to domestic flights. All domestic airlines do not have this policy. Your airfare is expensive or cheap depending on the booking time, flight time, ticket class and flexibility you choose. The earlier you book your flight, the better the deals are. Flights often take place at inconvenient hours (early morning, midday, late evening), with poor flexibility (non-returnable, big fees to change flight date, etc.). Round trip fares are equal to the total fares of the departure and return flights. Sometimes, purchasing multiple tickets on the same flight at once will not be as advantageous as purchasing separate tickets because there are cases when the system only has a few cheap tickets left. For example, there are 3 cheap tickets left on the system. If you book 4 tickets at the same time, you will not get those three cheap tickets and have to pay for all 4 tickets at a high fare instead. However, if you book 3 tickets for 3 people first and then book the other ticket at a higher fare, the total amount you have to pay for 4 tickets will be cheaper.
  • For international flights, purchasing a round-trip ticket is always 20-30% cheaper than purchasing two one-way tickets.
Can I change my name on my ticket to someone else’s if I don't use it?

For airlines such as Vietjet Air and Bamboo Airways, you are allowed to change the passengers' name, but you definitely have to pay a certain fee and meet the requirements of each airline.

Is it better to book a flight directly with the airline or through Hahalolo agent?


  • Book a flight directly with the airlines: You may not receive full support in circumstances such as flight delay, flight change or incorrect information on flight tickets (incorrect name). It is very difficult to solve these problems.
  • Book a flight through Hahalolo agent: Hahalolo airline ticket agent offers excellent services to help you book a ticket in advance (you will not be charged any fees for booking cancelation), change information on the ticket (full name), departure time as well as flight, etc


  • Book a flight directly with the airlines: You may not get full advice on your flight and related ones.
  • Book a flight through Hahalolo agent: You will receive advice or support for further questions (if any) from staff of our agents when booking flight tickets, and make a comparison of airfares on the same flight but different airlines.
If I need an urgent flight, how long can I purchase a ticket prior to the departure time?

Normally, tickets are available and issued minimum 6 hours prior to the departure time by Hahalolo online airline ticket agent.

What should I do if I am late for flight check-in?

If you do not check in on time or are not able to board the plane before it takes off, air cargo rates you've paid will be refunded or not depending on the flexibility of your ticket. For further information, please contact Hahalolo Customer Care Department via phone number  1900 57 12 48 .

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