What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Affiliate marketing is an advertising way in which Providers (companies) want to promote products/services to the end user through their affiliate’s websites.
  • An affiliate partner earns a commission from the provider when a user visits their own website and performs the operations of purchase, sign-up for service, information filling, etc., which the provider expects from an end user.
  • In other words, you own no products or services and take no risks in the process of delivery, goods trading, or services use. You only share, promote available products/services, and get a commission on each successful order from Hahalolo.
What is Flight Ticket Affiliate Marketing?
  • Flight Ticket affiliate marketing is a way to make money online by promoting attractive promotional programmes on air tickets and attracting more customer groups to experience flight booking for their travels or businesses through the Hahalolo travel social network website.
  • As our partner, you do not need to know all the details of booking procedures, services or airlines, etc. on Hahalolo flight ticket affiliate marketing, but concentrate on promoting tourist destinations and promotional programmes on cheapest flights to users. We guarantee legal formalities and criteria about outstanding customer service so they can book and have a top-notch experience with Hahalolo.
Why should you choose Hahalolo Affiliate for affiliate marketing?

Diverse tourist products and services

We are always willing to assist you in your approach to well-known tourism brands and businesses. Thanks to the diversity of products and related services, you would find it easy to reach customer groups, also develop and expand your business.

Marketing programmes with attractive commission rates

Your commission rate is calculated based on not only products that you're promoting but also other related ones once customers select to purchase. The commission is accumulated after an order is completed successfully.

Preeminent commission calculation mechanism

Sellers’ cookies for each customer shall be stored and protected. In case the customer visits any reference links provided by another Seller and completes her/his successful purchase while the cookie is still in protection period, the commission is also calculated for you.

Update order status quickly and accurately

Sellers are able to track sales, and also their order status is constantly updated in real time. You will receive an instant email notification once a successful order is available.

Total up and analyse order data easily

All manipulations such as click, order formation, successful percentage rate of orders booking, device, and purchase location, etc. shall be stored specifically and easily tracked in statistics on Hahalolo Affiliate.

Tech and Operation Supports

Our aim is to have a mutually beneficial growth with you. That’s why if you become Hahalolo Affiliate seller, you will get our utmost support. We have a dedicated account manager and tech experts to give any support or advice needed. Moreover, our customer service team is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You only have to ask.

Who will you be when joining Hahalolo?
HAHALOLO Affiliate Marketing System is an intermediary who forms a bridge between Hahalolo Businesses and Sellers.


  • You are a seller, who makes money online from affiliate marketing.
  • You can easily earn a commission by marketing and promoting products/services of major brands on the Hahalolo Business system. As an intermediary who markets products on Hahalolo, you absolutely do not need to worry about products/services, order delivery, or customer care.


  • Hahalolo is a product/service provider for almost all well-known Tourism and E-commerce brands.
  • For the desire of approaching more customers and accelerating sales, Hahalolo Affiliate system helps to connect with professional Sellers in order to promote products/services more successfully to the end user.
Are there any fees to join Hahalolo Affiliate?
  • Sellers can create an account and join the Hahalolo affiliate marketing system for free.
  • If you are a business and wish to join us in providing your tourist products/services, we are pleased to support you with a free consulting service based on your desire. Please contact us via email at [email protected]
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