What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Affiliate marketing is a way for a Provider to promote the products or services to end users through partner's websites.
  • An Affiliate partner earns a commission from the provider when a user visits their own website and performs the operations of purchase, sign-up for service, information filling, etc. which the provider expects from an end user.
What is Flight Ticket Affiliate Marketing?
  • Flight Ticket Affiliate marketing is a way for a seller to promote its airline ticket service to the end user through the Affiliate partner's website, blog and landing page, etc.
  • The system provides tools for airline tickets marketing and promotion such as advertising posts, links, etc.
  • Sellers earn a commission when users access and purchase flight tickets successfully on Hahalolo through links and posts.
Why do I need to use Hahalolo Affiliate for affiliate marketing?
  • Smart system
  • Standard product marketing process
  • Marketing programs with attractive commission rates
  • Preeminent commission calculation mechanism
  • Update order status quickly and accurately
  • Dedicated customer care
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