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How do I create a Hahalolo Affiliate account?
  • Hahalolo Affiliate account is directly linked to Hahalolo personal account. So, if you want to become a Seller, please register for a Hahalolo personal account at
  • You can refer to steps to create a Hahalolo personal account at Here.
I am a seller, how can I get an advertising post?


  1. Go to
  2. Sign in Seller's affiliate marketing management page by your personal account and password => The system shall display an affiliate marketing management screen.
  3. Select the Search section => Display a list of marketing posts.
  4. Select "Add to store" for posts you'd like to market.


  • Marketing posts will be displayed in the Management section -> Products after being added to the store.
  • Sellers can paste post links on websites, blog and posts on social networks in order to promote airline ticket product. The system shall rely on these independent links to query marketing orders for Sellers.
How do I market airline tickets effectively by posts?
You may use some of the following marketing strategies:
  • Build a webiste or Blog: Create evaluation, comparation and product promotion websites, and insert links or marketing posts on Hahalolo airline tickets into the sites.
  • Use social networks to promote the products to the end user: An easy way to approach customers thanks to the popularity of current technology and internet networks.
  • Use Youtube: Share videos, clips and ads about airline tickets, insert post content into videos/clips and paste the post links on the description section.
  • Create a SEO: Based on customer's search demand, do SEO for highliting news and marketing posts on Google, Facebook search tools,etc.

This is one of the common ways to market the product of airline tickets. From the above-mentioned ways, you will gain the best marketing stategies. Good luck!

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