1. Turn on Affiliate Marketing

At the affiliate marketing homepage where a list of all products/services supported with affiliate marketing is displayed, select the product/service you want to grow revenue and click the Turn on Affiliate Marketing button to set up.




2. Link management

Products/services whose affiliate marketing have been successfully set will be displayed in Link Management. You can view the Commission Policy and Cookie Duration here or at the Homepage.


3. Affiliate Marketing

Option 1: Choose the product you want to market, and copy the available link created by Hahalolo by clicking the icon sao_ch_p.png (copy) right next to the link and share it on platforms you’d like to promote.

Option 2:  You can create an affiliate link yourself by attaching your Seller code to any links enabled.

  • Syntax for creating an affiliate link: [Link to product with affiliate marketing enabled] + "csl = [seller code]".


Please contact us if you require any further information.


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