How do I create a Hahalolo Affiliate account?
  • Hahalolo Affiliate account is directly linked to Hahalolo personal account. So, if you want to become a Seller, please register for a Hahalolo personal account at
  • You can refer to steps to create a Hahalolo personal account Here.
How do I choose products/ services to promote marketing?

You can find a list of all products that are allowed to market on the Hahalolo Affiliate site by:

  1. Log in to the affiliate marketing management page for the Seller by your account.
  2. Select the Search section >> A list of Hahalolo Business marketing products/services is displayed.
  3. Select "Add to store" for products/services you'd like to market.
  • Selected products for marketing will be displayed in the Management section > Products after being added to the store.
  • You will be provided corresponding links to your products and account code. Your task is just to write appealing marketing posts or run promotion programs in order to get customers interested in and to buy the products/services through your links. Once purchases are made by customers, you'll get commissions.
How do I determine if the product/service I chose is marketed successfully?
When users complete any of their orders successfully through the product/service link that you are previously provided, it means that your marketing to users is successful and you'll surely earn commissions.


  1. Go to and log in to your account at
  2. Select the Management section > Orders

The system will display a list of booked orders by users and allow you to track all of your sales data.

How do I determine my commission rates for a successful marketing product?

Find out information on commission rates and structures for each corresponding product/service, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Go to and log in to your account at
  2. Select the commission rates list.

The system will display a list of commission rates for Sellers when they market the products.

How do Cookies work and store data on the system?
Cookie, which is a concept of a system, records referral codes (AFFID) of referrers when users access and order their products through a link for running-marketing products of sellers on Hahalolo Affiliate system.


  • Time live: It must be a maximum of 3 days to store/identify the AFFID from the time it is recorded. It means if any users visit the provided link by the Seller, all corresponding products accessed and ordered in a maximum of 3 days are calculated for this Seller. In case users go to other Seller's links, the cookie shall be overwritten and data is recorded for new Seller.
  • Protect time: The previous referer's AFFID protection time (within two hours - a proposition of time). During this period of time, the AFFID code of the new referer shall not be overwritten on the code of the current one. This means within two hours from the moment users start to access links, the cookie remains protected and will not be overwritten by other Sellers.
How do I know how much commission I have received?
You can track your successful orders in the Management section > Orders.

The order information shows customer buying process. It will be easy for you to know how much commission you're going to receive through the below statistics:

  • Total commission: The total commission amount you can withdraw to your personal account.
  • Available commission: The amount of commission you are receiving in the next reconciliation period.
How can I find statistics of the products/services that I have selected to market?
You can view statistical data on your selected products/services in the Dashboard section. It helps you understand customer usage behavior and manipulation. The statistical table will display no data until any of the orders is successfully complete.


  1. Go to and log in to your account at
  2. Select the Management section > Orders

The filter system helps to search for orders by optional period of time or by each separate provider.

Do I receive notifications for any changes of my selected marketing products?

The Hahalolo Affiliate system will send a notification to the email address that you signed up with for an account on Hahalolo. You'll be notified promptly if there are any changes of status and sales commission policy of products/ services.

Available reports on Hahalolo Affiliate system and their significance.

Currently, Hahalolo Affiliate system supports the following statistics and reports:


  • Commission incurred: The total expected amount of the commission in the next reconciliation period.
  • Commission received: The total available amount of commission that a seller received in his/her personal account.
  • Visits (Click).
  • Conversion rate.


  • Statistics chart of Commissions received, Commissions incurred, Total orders by hour/day/month/week: Help users to closely track their marketing statistics and commissions received by optional periods, and also show the statistics fluctuations by periods.
  • Customers by regions: Quick marketing statistics by regions and geographical locations on the world map.
  • Heat map: Show the 'heat' of orders placed at different times within a day/week. Based on these figures, Sellers shall analyze them to capture customer psychology, find out shopping “golden hours” and launch an effective advertising campaign.


  • Top 10 orders with the highest commission.
  • Top 10 best-selling products.
How do I effectively market and promote my services and products by posts?


  • Build a Website or Blog: Create product evaluation, comparison and promotion websites, and insert links or marketing posts on Hahalolo products and services into the sites.
  • Use social networks to promote products to the end user: An easy way to approach customers thanks to the popularity of current technology and internet networks.
  • Use Youtube: Share videos, clips and ads about products and services, insert post content into videos/clips and paste the post links on the description section.
  • Create SEO: Based on customer's search demand, do SEO for highlighting news and marketing posts on search engines, such as Google, Facebook, etc.

This is one of the common ways to market products and services. From the above-mentioned ways, you will gain the best marketing strategies. Good luck!

As a Seller, when can I earn commissions from my affiliate marketing?
  • As soon as customers complete a successful order, Hahalolo Affiliate system will record successful order marketing and the commission fee will be calculated for the Seller.
  • Hahalolo guarantees to complete commission payment after 15-30 days via Seller's personal payment account on Hahalolo Payment Account Management system at
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